profile: , born in 1969 in Hubei Wuhan, the Group Chairman and chief executive officer of the Department of physics of Wuhan University computer professional in 1987, 1993, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of mechanical engineering, MIT master’s degree, Stanford University School of business in 1997 1999 as the MBA Mechanical amp; Electrical Engineering, ChinaRen chairman and CEO, Sohu bought ChinaRen in 2000, served as vice president of Sohu, founded in 2002, served as Qianxiang interactive group the chairman of the board and CEO. years ago, the old turtle in the first wave of the Internet boom lost to ChinaRen, seriously learn the lesson that year, cautious and quickly through the stock exchange, self founded, establish multi brand enterprise network Qianxiang interactive, become one of the domestic network group of the wind light network rookie at present. Chen Yizhou himself, naturally become one of the rich the one nearest distance. 1987 was admitted to the Department of physics of Wuhan University in 1993 into the Department of mechanical engineering; Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA learning was MIT master’s degree. After 1995 years, to enter the United States Alltech dosieranlagen GmbH Altec work, director of North Asia regional affairs. and ChinaRen 1997 years to the Stanford University business school to study double master degree MBA and electric engineering. We know that Standford and Silicon Valley are closely related, this stage is the time chief Yang Zhiyuan and Yahoo! To attract the eyes of the world, no doubt on the Chen Yizhou has also been inspired by. But more importantly, he met after the partner, Zhou Yunfan and. Zhou Yunfan graduated from Tsinghua University, then entered the Stanford University Department of Electrical Engineering Master degree; Yang Ning is in Xi’an primary school stage is moved with his parents to the United States, after obtaining a bachelor degree in electrical engineering at the University of Michigan, then also entered the Stanford University to study for a master’s degree of electrical engineering curriculum system. Chen Yizhou comments, the two of them Standford is the most outstanding students at the College of engineering. Chen Yizhou had launched a Standford Chinese Internet discussion, communication of three people is quite hit it off, and then quickly agreed, decided to join the Internet boom, specific direction is a virtual community, of course, business in the implementation of faster development of domestic. virtual community, Chen Yizhou has its own understanding: the Internet is a new media, the characteristics of virtual community is more consistent with the Internet, the Internet revenue outside advertising and direct charge, community most likely to charge, and the community is the carrier of future depth marketing very good. When 1999 at the beginning of the year, three people improve their, next is the extension of Sandhill street, a home visit venture capitalists, by May, he returned to China to set up ChinaRen, the slogan is building the world’s largest Chinese Virtual community. Chen Yizhou was appointed chairman and chief executive officer, Zhou Yunfan was appointed chief operating