Original title: house-for-pension scheme will expand the scope of the pilot recently released by the national development and Reform Commission "on deepening economic reform in 2016 focused on the work of opinions" put forward to promote the housing reverse mortgage endowment insurance pilot. The economic reference
Blake Griffin Shoes Men newspaper reporter understanding to, the next step of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission will be on the foundation of the existing four pilot cities, the economic conditions to choose the better, the real estate market more standardized, the local government support cities and areas into the scope of the pilot, expand the business area. Since July 1, 2014, China’s "house-for-pension scheme" in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou insurance, Wuhan four pilot. In March 2015, the first "happy life house-for-pension scheme" insurance products approved for sale, the pilot entered a substantive stage of operation, which is also the first "house-for-pension scheme" policy of insurance products. "China family property
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men is the most important assets, major problems the elderly pension is a whole family of several generations." Happy life relevant responsible person said, at present the traditional concept of "and" still occupy the mainstream, but partial loss of independence for the elderly, childless elderly, elderly on "to the housing endowment" demand.
Blake Griffin Shoes Women It is understood, at the beginning of this year, the CIRC once be in conjunction with the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of land and resources, the old office held the elderly housing reverse mortgage insurance Forum meetin
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Blue Redg, carries on the comprehensive summary and analysis of the pilot work, in-depth planning how to promote the reverse mortgage endowment insurance sustainable development, make it become a good
http://www.theorbstore.com/Blog/the-nike-lebron-xiii-are-available-in-a-variety-of-colors-that-it-looks-also-well-on-the-streets-and-squares-in-the-lebron-12-according-to-new-shoes-colorway.html complement to the commercial insurance and social security system. The conference thinks, reverse mortgage endowment insurance pilot is the State Council to accelerate the development of pension service industry and accelerate the development of modern service industry of insurance and other documents requirements of Huimin policy implement, to explore the pension financing a new road, property that older people the main stock of capital production in does not transfer the right to the use of the premise can be transformed to pension funds and enrich the elderly pension choice, enhances the supply of resource endowment, enable the elderly "dead house" has become a "living money", to meet the elderly hope "old-age home" and "increase the demand for pension income" two core endowment. Academy of Social Sciences Institute of World Social Security Research Center Director zhengbingwen said that housing reverse mortgage endowment pattern theoretically speaking is a good thing, in the United States had become one of the five pension pillar, but not so in China, it encountered is the traditional culture of "acclimatized". "The concept of children, for children of ingrained" legacy of traditional real estate is also ingrained. "China has three special groups particularly suited to the housing endowment: one-child foreign students employment of empty nest families, one-child domestic places of employment of empty nest families, loss of independence for the elderly population. But the power of culture is engraved in the heart." Zheng Bingwen believes that the house-for-pension scheme in a longer period of time is still a niche product, to see this reality, there must be a long-term preparation. Editor: Mao Minmin SN184 article keywords: house-for-pension scheme