Chinese 19 year old female student Jiang Yue hit the American woman under the gun. With the same unfortunate unfortunately, many netizens even openly applauded Chinese. The reason is that, in the United States to study, and driving a Mercedes Benz cars, not rich and expensive offspring. a lot of Chinese people in this area of the imagination is amazing. In the basic fact of not clear, they can put the innocent girl locking is not love the motherland cents, the girl driving behavior imagination for domestic to grab the vices, the fancy her whirlwind dirty words angered American aunt rich second generation or officer i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes the second generation, to imagine the murderer of the accused by police suspected of the crime of murder in the first degree intolerable retaliation. because of so hate. Because of so happy. A Chinese girl in the United States suffered the misfortune to get so pleasure in a part of the users in China, this abnormal psychology, for these
Cheap Jordan 4 Nubuck Mens Shoes From China ignorant person is unfortunate, but for the country is this ignorance ignorance, indifference avid a part of the love, but it is awkward. Like 16 years old of Zhou Ziyu suffered domestic self righteous Patriot who chops tear like, these in the name of patriotism to innocent people to vent their anger with the behavior has not in t
Jordan 4 Nubuck MJ4N017o the glory of the country, but the ink. can go to the United States to study, the family of course, with the corresponding economic strength. But the family’s economic buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online strength is Patriot hatred, on the one hand, based on their doubts about the wealth of the family, the more important is they will send their children to the United States to study, this makes the Patriot taboo. Their logic is that the rich, will be self willed; self willed, will offend others. To be angry and to be angry is bound to come to a bad end. So, female student’s death is. a group of countries with their own love of the country against the people, the citizens of other countries for their own citizens of the fierce violence as the personality of the split is almost pathological. They no longer wish to take the matter on its merits, are no longer willing to know basic humanity and compassion heart, their hearts only and or to them the hatred, either with them crazy, otherwise is to stand in their opposites, even if you die in the other i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes people’s guns, they also want to crazy joy for you fill the gun. local time in the United States, 16, at a crossroads, such as the intersection of the United States, the United States woman
Cheap Jordan 5 Nubuck Mens Shoes From China Davies shot dead by Chinese female students, death is very simple. According to the police, local buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online media said, female foreign students Yue Jiang, who was driving a red light is Davis of the accident vehicle rear end, Jiang Yue car on a male passenger
Cheap Jordan 9 Nubuck Mens Shoes From China car vehicle inspection damage, Davis gunmen off, go to the next to the Yue Jiang, from the window i like air max shoes to Jiang Yue buy air max shoes online even open several guns. Although local media reports with the road rage in the title, but the police investigation found, Davis incident may drunkenness, drug abuse and other issues, after the escape also tried to hiding involving firearms and vehicles, and replaced the clothes worn by accident.