Classification of the special effect of the heat diet etiquetteSo to eat Western food in large extent is in the eating flavor: marble fireplace, Yi Mechanical Mod and RDA Yi flash crystal lamp, silver candlestick, colorful wine, plus elegant and charming manner, which in itself is a piece of beautiful paintings. In order to get more skilled behavior in Westernstyle food, some effort to familiarize the dining etiquette, is worth it. p 1, the seat body to correct
and elbows do not put on the desktop, and may not, distance and the table in order to use tableware is preferred. On the table already set tableware don’t fiddle. The gently folded napkin on your lap. 2, using a knife and fork to eat, from the outside to the inside with a knife and fork, left hand holding a E-CIG CHINA fork, the right hand holding a knife; cutting things with the left hand holding fork hold down food, the right hand holding a knife to cut into small pieces, and then use a fork to send. Use a knife, the blade can not be outside. Dinner knife and fork, should be put into the eight type, placed on the edge of the plate. Blade toward their own, said to continue to eat. After each dish, knife and fork together on the plate. If it is a conversation, you can take a knife and fork, no need to put down. Without a knif
e, you can also use the right hand fork,
but if you need to make gestures, you should put down the knife and fork, do not hand holding a knife and fork in the air waving and shaking, nor a hand to take a knife or fork, and the other hand holding a napkin to wipe the mouth, but also not a hand to take the cup, the other hand to take the fork. Remember Hot E Cig kits that at any time, you can not put one end of the knife and fork on
the plate, the other end on the table. 3, every time to send food in the entrance is not too much, do not speak when chewing, but not the initiative to talk with people. 4, you don’t drink, eat to shut up chew. Don’t smack sound. Such as hot soup, can be a little cool after eating, do not blow with the mouth. Soup, the spoon from the inside scoop out, soup soup soon after drinking, with his left hand to the soup plate lateral tilt slightly, you can use the spoon to scoop net. After eating soup, the spoon will remain in the soup plate bowl, the key point to their own. p 5, eat fish, meat, such as barbed or bone meal, do not spit directly outside, used napkins Wuzui gently spit in the fork into the tray. If the disk with a small amount of surplus food, do not use a fork scraping plate at the end, not a finger food aid should be based on a small piece of bread or a fork of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA food
aid. When eating noodles, the noodles will be rolled up with a fork, and then send to the entrance. 6, bread should be broken into small pieces to send the entrance, do not take the whole piece of bread bite. Wipe butter and jam to break into small pieces and then wipe the bread. , 7 chickens, and those with chicken breast meat for you. Eat chicken bone forcibly should be removed first, do not eat with their hands. Fish do not turn over the fish, with knife Disposable e cigarette and fork after the upper fish bone tick off after eat the lower, meat, to cut a piece to eat a piece, the block can not cut too large, or the meat is cut into pieces. 8, not on E-CIGARETTE CHINA the table, with a napkin to wipe your nose. When you have dinner, it’s the biggest taboo.