Cloud computing is no longer a fashionable topic today, but one that is spreading to every corner of our daily life. The popularity of 3G has accelerated the arrival of the era of mobile cloud computing. From the mobile browser to the mobile phone virus, as well as mobile phone address book so that the application software, mobile cloud computing has opened the curtain. in the traditional Internet, cloud computing era has triggered a change in the industry IT. To give a very simple example, when a server performance can not meet the needs of enterprise information technology, cloud computing solutions easily solve this problem, the performance of multiple servers through the software and clever integration. Internet cloud computing, so that the association, such as HP’s PC vendors software quality is more concentrated. When the mobile Internet ushered in the era of cloud computing, IT vendors role again. The difference is that the change is more obvious. br November 1, held in Shenzhen, the theme of win in the mobile cloud computin
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Red Spring Green Saddle Browng era Lenovo’s commercial technology development forum, mobile cloud computing has become a hero. On the development of the forum, the association shows its mobile cloud computing solutions. In many mobile cloud computing solutions, based on the tablet PC solutions to the author left a deep impression. tablet computer itself is located in an entertainment terminal, the apple iPad showed the most incisive. Lenovo’s Tablet PC music Pad, in the mobile Internet cloud computing plays a role in the business terminal. Through the music Pad terminal, the user can log in the company’s information system through the Wifi network or 3G network, processing the company’s business. From a technical point of view, the music Pad in the mobile cloud computing solutions to act as a role, while the cloud is in the layout of the enterprise platform. Through the deployment, the music Pad has become a carrier of mobile cloud computing. In addition to br in the legend of the Commercial Technology Development Forum on, Lenovo and UF software, sunshine insurance and other partners together layout of the mobile cloud calculation. In the future, the association will own some of the programs in the mobile cloud computing to share with partners, and partners to build more applications based on mobile cloud computing. br it is obvious that in mobile cloud computing era, Lenovo in addition to being a solutions provider, or mobile cloud computing the leader of the chain. In the development of many years, the association of business covers the government, insurance, banking and other industries. After the arrival of the era of mobile cloud computing, Lenovo launched a mobile cloud computing solutions for these industries, to provide customers with integrated solutions from hardware to software.

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