Copy of bad news: the United States to determine I photovoltaic products impose antidumping and countervailing duties; yesterday 121 billion of funds to leave; two retail insider trading BDO was fined. Forwarding: fly Yang yesterday live released major news: the repeated demonstration after nearly a month of observation, 7 team found a suitable for larger funds friend latent Manniu type double to grow shares, the shares will be in the next
six months doubled, thanks to seven teams with benevolence! Layout follow up the first phase of the operation is now a grand start! To the layout of the search to find the fly Yang, as soon as possible to join the family of 7 small team of large families to! Forwarding?: growth stocks, there are more aggressive rise in the new year! Thursday Shanghai success covering 1.19 Tiaokong gap, intraday and giant shock, indicating that covering the gap at
the top and do multi start to become cautious again, while the gem is 3 days even a new high, obviously offensive, the overall market hot up, stock market hot money effect is dye in the wood. to remind inves
tors to pay attention to the 000540 city transit investment in the city is still a good opportunity to seize the opportunity to Mechanical Mod and RDA seize the opportunity! There has been an increase in the afternoon rebound, words and the Disposable e cigarette amount of energy but began to shrink, but friends also don’t have to worry about, the current bull market undoubtedly. Before the end of the end of the last
year, the high price of 300304 cloud meaning electric, 2681 FENDA technology and other back to step on followup to
grasp Hot E Cig kits the good friends, live to this end, we will see the office tomorrow! is browsing the fly Yang Weibo, the blog of the friends please forward microblogging share to your friends! Your patience and the confidence of the flying Yang is the first one of the conditions of the family stock market profits! Your every move, a praise is the best support for the flying yang! This is perhaps the rated man won’t lift a finger to remember friends! However, Yang is regardas a jewel of the greatest value on the fly! current industry stocks rose to further expand greatly activate the market sentiment, current market rose, AVIC aircraft joined the limit, Lingyun shares or expanded. Yang Fei reminded concern oversold E-CIG CHINA growth stocks 2488 solid gold shares. In this report, the 391 of the space shuttle which is not the internal layout of the interior layout of the space in August was made! Since September 2nd last year, the layout has been 143 days and 91 cycles! The current range of 75.93%, the realization of the double goal! Forwarding:14:22:17 Fei Yang live in remind city transit vote signs of a breakthrough has been prescribed, also North navigation closed limit, military stocks of capital inflows, BDStar, aircraft, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Hongdu Aviation, China satellite, hair technology, aerospace Changfeng, aerospace science and technology concerned. Baoshuo, Langfang development, Tangshan port in E-CIGARETTE CHINA front of rose varieties, but adjusted Lingyun shares, China happiness 1