criticism will begin, let ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Pharaoh brigade cadres speak in excitement to expose criticism. Wang Ao however, had to stand Hot E Cig kits up and expose criticism. Lao Wang said: Li Huairen although lead to repair the village river village gate are for himself, because he is big, afraid of bandits robbed. Although he led the repair of the dam, but most is his own benefit.
Although he gave me and old fan Cao married a wife, it Disposable e cigarette is to buy the people, let us better for him to
work. Although he is busy when we eat to eat Xian Yadan cooking, is no good, he is to give us a better output for him. My sheep ate his house a few leaves, also did not affect him home, sericulture, he kicked my sheep foot, this clearly is to bully people. He built a bridge, although the convenience of the people, but a black day I pulled up, seriously limits the freedom of the masses. I think Li Huairen is a good man, I know that after he inspired brigade cadres, that is E-CIG CHINA don a pious mask. Although gave us some petty, but the purpose is to better exploit us. Three days in the shade under him, but made us hot hoeing, said this grass die quickly. His three nine day fire in the room,
but let us pull soil cushion cancha, Pharaoh still want to then expose, masses scold: Lao Wang you dog, isn’t a person, not the master, who shelter you, you dog, which have the family. Although the Li Huairen family is big, he didn’t let anybody in our village. Although he is more and more, that is not to steal the family, it is his money to buy. The liberation of E-CIGARETTE CHINA the land reform, something his family
was divided and now he’s
clean out completely, as by working dinner. He denounced what’s meaning! Before liberation he didn’t humiliate us. Now we should not bully them, the village folks, is an ancestor of, like now fighting to have what significance of his Niang ah? It’s not easy to say that before liberation, now the day is better than where? 0 six years has not put you hungry? Day of his grandmother, the net from morning till night blind do sth over and over again, have the ability to production make up, let the masses eat good drink good, every family had money to spend. A few dozen Han village note, said out of shame ah! Now is a new society, the brigade cadres really have the ability, a person to say a wife. All the class struggle, class struggle to eat when the meal? Li Kexian just bombed two twist, you criticize him through the streets also do his 20 day of class, which is his mother what truth? Li Huairen are sixty or seventy years of age, let him kneeling on the ground accept interrogates, also is a beat and scold, he used to the ZA not so ah. Where are your conscience? Wang you a damn it really is not a thing, let cadres you eat shit you eat shit? You forgot your mother who buried? Not Li Huairen, your mother’s thin coffin come from? Not Mechanical Mod and RDA Li Huairen, where do you go? Have you come to our village for decades, zacun who bullied you? Our village is a village and, because you are not from foreign households will give you not to go. From now on, I’ll see you when you are not good, I beat you a dog day. Because you’re not a man.