Cunningham division, Wang Jingwei belongs to the Wuhan faction, he and Jiang Jieshi had a competition, so the appearance He Xin incompatibility. But he is the representative of the old Kuomintang forces, are following Sun Zhongshan, Jiang Jieshi is born in the barrel of a gun. Wang Jingwei speech inciting sex is very strong, also organized, but can not really work, never tried. He made Jiang Jieshi deputy is reluctant, so from Nanjing for the first time to retreat to Wuhan, then retreated to Chongqing, Wuhan in short time, he will speak peace, to negotiate. Not move, negotiating when out of time to the founding of the PRC, called lowkey club, Mr Hu Shi is a member of lowkey club. When the most difficult, poor people all in, really have a fixed fight. Wang Jingwei think, again our country will perish, not endure humiliation. So Wang Jingwei volunteered to make peace, not Jiang Jieshi sent him, Jiang Jieshi did not have the ability, two people do not have the friendship. Wang Jingwei thinks, the Japanese also fought hard, but also peace feelers. Japan’s intention is to vacate this part strength, Chinese resources plus, hit the Pacific War at sea. Wang Jingwei is stupid, he did not expect to sign the treaty is completely stuck fast, he thought like the Southern Song Dynasty Pianan move, until the treaty signing out, he is too late. This treaty, stopped Tao Xisheng leave. Wang Jingwei can’t run away, his hand is Chen Gongbo these people, so when his government team no one, is a Japanese to his organization, let him not tube North China also. He even doesn’t live in Northern Jiangsu, Hao Pengju these local forces sometimes cast central, sometimes throw Japan, sometimes throwing puppet, sometimes and the New Fourth Army cooperation, Hao Peng held half of North Jiangsu, the New Fourth Army has occupied half of North jiangsu. to be honest, Wang Jingwei probably didn’t want to be a traitor, he might have thought that for countries to leave some room, earn some time. Wang Jingwei painstakingly, he is not for their own power, he thought like the Southern Song Dynasty as. The Southern Song Dynasty Pianan is the emperor’s claim, we can’t blame the Qin hui. The ancient and modern difference is not occupied Ling’an Jinbing, and Japanese occupied Nanjing. The second difference, the Japanese army is a modern army, Jin forces with the Southern Song Dynasty is not much difference. The Southern Song Dynasty of the situation, the government cannot command the big four. The big four are warlords, forces are not given by the country, are themselves. Yue Fei to Zongze under a small force, playing elsewhere force. Every time the diminution of local forces, he picked the elite into his army, with local forces contribute to wealth protection, he is on the growth of. Because he has the rich pay, the army is selected, so the Yue army in the foot benign rates, the government cannot command he. back to the war of resistance against Japan is concerned, Feng Yuxiang, Song Zheyuan, Zhang Zizhong as the force. Fu Zuoyi finally signed a contract with the Communists in Peiping, but during the war of resistance against Japan, Fu Zuoyi’s army alone bitter guard in Northern Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, he stopped Japanese, protecting the Northern Shaanxi; Zhang Zizhong Dutch act martyred; Feng