Current position:Href= channel home ; a href rel = hot topic am; body Ministry of Civil Affairs Peijun, vice minister to Baise research of concept construction said appreciate time: 2011 March 27 11:41] [source: Youjiang daily] [Author: Cen E-CIG CHINA Ping and] [editor: Ling Cong] br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; Youjiang Daily reported reporter amp; nbsp amp; amp; Cen flat and March 24 to 25, Peijun, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of civil affairs, rate working group to the city’s research. Mayor Xie Zeyu, deputy secretary Zhan pay, vice mayor Wang Jian accompanied by research. p 24 afternoon, with deep feelings of the old ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA people, Peijun line to train station near the Baise City civil administration welfare projects park visits, shook hands with the scene the city civil affairs system of cadres and workers, cordial greetings. Baise civil affairs project is one of the city’s major construction projects, the project covers an area of 124.51 acres. Construction content mainly includes the city children’s welfare homes, municipal welfare home, city center for the elderly, the city rescue manage
ment station, city center, the city
of minors rescue protection center, City Welfare Hospital Rehabilitation Center, city, city disaster relief material reserve center and other 8 sub projects, total construction area of about 19800 square meters, plans to invest 118600000 yuan,

is expected to be completed next year. At present, the work of the Disposable e cigarette project area, geological prospecting, ground level, and total flat plan have been completed. After the completion of the Baise municipal civil affairs welfare program park will completely Hot E Cig kits change the status of Baise’s civil affairs and welfare infrastructure behind the status quo, to become a high level of Baise, environmental beauty, facilities, services, good welfare park. Sun Shaocheng listened carefully to the construction of the report, the project is a high starting point, high standards of construction ideas expressed appreciation. He asked, must be high standards of construction planning, high level of E-CIGARETTE CHINA architectural design, to ensure that the project can meet the reality and future needs of Baise’s welfare services, to strengthen communication with the relevant departments to integrate public investment resources, multichannel financing to raise funds to
ensure smooth progress of the project. He also encouraged civil cadres and employees to work hard, to raise the overall level of civil service, and promote the harmonious development of the Mechanical Mod and RDA economic society in Baise. p during the Baise, Peijun, also visit dare Zhuang Shan Buluotuo cultural sites, red seven army military site, the Baise Uprising Memorial Hall, admiring the Baise Uprising monument to revolutionary martyrs and to the Baise uprising martyr presented wreaths. related article: