Default Cloumn the National Guard Planning Commission and other 12 ministries jointly issued on the issuance of a notice to carry out the work of the special action plan to combat the surrogacy, from this month to 12 at the end of this year in the country to carry out special operations to combat the surrogate. the special operations task for medical institutions, to carry out a clear surrogacy staff, social intermediary organizations to investigate. To carry out a surrogate publicity and service of Internet, television, newspapers and magazines to clean up and investigation. Regulation of human assisted reproductive technology service and application of medical equipment, medicine circulation, sales situation. according to the action plan, the special action led by the National Guard Planning Commission, the public security department responsible for health and family planning and other departments to crack down on various illegal and criminal activities and. Food and drug administration departments to strengthen medical and pharmaceutical production enterprises supervision, is strictly prohibited without qualified institutions and individuals to carry out special sales of medical devices for human assisted reproductive technology and medicine. for the Internet information overload, many pregnant mother is seeking more business through the social networking phenomenon, notification requirements, network information supervision departments should strengthen the oversight of the web site, requirements prohibit the publication of surrogate service related information, cleaning and shielding website about surrogacy services related information. At the same time, the State Planning Commission set up to report complaints telephone 01012356, and the establishment of a prize report system, to the masses clues will carefully investigate and verify. refers to a fertile women, the fertilized egg implanted in the uterus of the mode, process for infertile couples completed the pregnancy and delivery. In our country, clearly defined the former Ministry of Health issued in 2001 human assisted reproductive technology management approach, medical institutions and medical personnel shall not engage in any form of surrogacy. On the market, then there has been part of the medical institutions and clinics to carry out illegal surrogacy phenomenon. the dark hand can not protect pregnant women and couples seeking surrogate safety, on the other hand, there are also many under the banner of the name of surrogacy illegal transactions. Deputy director of the State Planning Commission, the special action to combat the surrogate group leader Jin Xiaotao at the meeting pointed out that the special action, domestic surrogacy seriously interfere with the human assisted reproductive technology service in China legally, disrupting the normal birth order, harm public health, affecting the implementation of family planning policy. Bokee site system upgrade notification Default Cloumn enterprise blog network will be upgraded in February 12, 2015 20:002 23 0:00 system, during the site will be temporarily suspended, the inconvenience please forgive our friends!