drops and quick burn war to delay for a long time the merger ended, from free to subsidies, China users compete for means to a new height. However, this is not the end of travel dispute, but intensified in 2015: Baidu today announced the official investment vehicles every day, this is a carpool to work for the scene of the car software. A few days ago Baidu also invested with 51 car carpool software. But before this, the strategic Baidu also invested in car software originator UBER and cooperation, with the cast of the easy to user C wheel. So far, Baidu has four car service. travel war upgrade: from the taxi to the car to ride UBER has been declared himself a travel solutions for the company. This idea is also suitable for the China Internet giants on the car race: Taxi software battle drops fast is just the beginning, the fact that the taxi software is just a way to travel to the other platform, they all want to do travel solutions. With drops fast business has been transferred to the car business, drops car and car is to expand the market, the taxi software market because fewer subsidies, the driver side and user side has been significantly affected. car business in Chinese progress is not smooth, the biggest obstacle is vested interest, the taxi industry monopoly can not indulge Internet software to subvert them. So, car drivers were ticketed similar news often found in newspapers, but this does not hinder the operation of the vehicle to have the legal qualifications of parttime or fulltime drivers team, even the taxi drivers to switch to the car, coming stormin, car war continues. car ride, acquaintances, business and community based on social relationships, with a shallow layer of trust relationship, passengers and drivers with less risk of each other. At the same time, because of the special passengers scene, encounter less resistance, for example, is not easy to be identified as illegal operation of vehicles. Also, it is in line with the Chinese habits: the roadside waving a habit not, colleagues and neighbors and acquaintances carpool habit has been there. In short, and the existence of carpooling business as an important way to travel. This may explain why the 51 car, and every car in the second half of 2014 will have to get before the establishment of the wellknown VC Lei Jun, and Baidu investment. apart from the taxi, car and downwind car these three categories of travel mode, there is a class of car drivers only rent the car rental market also in combination with the depth of the Internet, including Internet car rental and P2P. There is a business oriented Internet car service. The end of a taxi software battle, is the war really started the car. Second season: travel war battlefield for the leading role in travel first quarter of war and not to travel alone, but in order to promote mobile payment. Although after the taxi with taxi App can improve the operation efficiency.