due to the effect of traditional culture, ethnic customs and other factors. Chinese movie star in Hollywood in the few good. In the Chinese movie circle strong such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Zhou Runfa, arrived in Hollywood could also be relegated to a supporting role, a sigh. , however, in the 20’s of last century, is a Chinese actress Huang Liushuang, a head into the Hollywood, in many applaud and popular large. For her contribution to the film, in the Hollywood Walk of Fame was given a star. Later, she went to Europe, and because in the in the downtown dream wonderful performances, invited to attend the British Royal feast. At that time, a woman can obtain such Chinese award, is simply a myth. Huang Liushuang Anna May Wong was born in 1905. Her grandfather was a first generation immigrant America chinese. Father opened a laundry in Losangeles’s Chinatown, one family to make a living. The young Huang Liushuang, also wants to help dry the clothes, early experience with the hardships of life. , however, Huang Liushuang’s dream can not do the laundry for a lifetime. Help father wash clothes in spare time, she would come to the street, looked enviously at studio posted outside the movie star poster. Star dream sprout from this moment. After coming home, Wong to mimic the movie star like, do some strange action. ‘s father after know, warned her: the film will lose the soul. The warning, was surprised and frightened Huang Liushuang. Of course, she soon forgot the warning, still at the age of 14, was filmed in a Chinatown in the movie ran back a bit. A well, not what the dialogue, also does not have what action. But then the movie came out, let Huang Liushuang joy to a good. When the original actor, have a big difference and wash the clothes. Can through the film, live with parents completely different life? yellow Liushuang became involved in the film. At that time, Hollywood is no Chinese film stars. Huang Liushuang in Hollywood the role, or beneath the identity of Mongolia slave, or being unknown mistress whites abandoned, which reflect the image of the Chinese in American eyes. let Huang Liushuang caused the focus of attention was a film called the thief of Baghdad old translation Moon Palace myth film. This movie by big star Douglas Fairbanks starring middot;. Douglas middot; Vanpenk personally selected Huang Liushuang, let her play wearing a Bikini in the film the slave. Huang Liushuang to deliver the goods, a delicate and touching sexy conquered the audience, rapid change red. Soon she was described as the most beautiful China actress, become the world competing offer the magazine cover girl, dressed in her behavior, also becomes the symbol of fashion, become a model to imitate the fashion girl. however, although Huang Liushuang has a space for one person in Hollywood, at the time of the environment, Huang Liushuang still can’t starred. She has appeared in the movies