recently, due to the high iron on the phone to appease the crying girl and the popular network of headphones warm man Chen Haoxin was hired to product manager for small pepper, he said to build a dedicated young people of the following fingerprint phone, this news, immediately triggered a sensation in the industry, star investor Quan Ren also expressed optimism. Taobao all shall then invited to raise, headphones warm man Chen Haoxin of 699 yuan fingerprint handset formally launched all the chips, by the users of berserk, online in less than an hour and rapid completion of the congregation raised the target. Using 5 inches display 720p this phone Chen Haoxin, and combined with 2GB of ram, 16GB ROM and network support 4G network and front camera also support real beauty, has become the history of the most expensive fingerprint recognition on the mobile phone. This fingerprint phone is not yet on the line to be able to be Quan Ren’s good and strong support of many friends, Liu Kuang think this with the current mobile security more and more attention has a close relationship. on the one hand, for many mobile phone users, the number of personal privacy will be a
Mens Dwight Howard Shoes Yellow Orange Bluebit. But there are times when mobile phones put at home or in the office, will inevitably be family or friends, colleagues, holding a cell phone to play or look up something, phone lock is very fast to be easily cracked, which for personal privacy is undoubtedly a great leakage. So the security coefficient of the fingerprint identification technology has come to the stage, more and more users to support and recognition. on the other hand, from a security point of view, now the domestic mobile phone users log in micro channel, mobile phone QQ, PayPal wallet opportunity will not automatically back out, once the phone is lost or stolen, for the user’s personal information disclosure and property security is a great threat, the probability of such things have become increasingly high. But if the phone supports fingerprint identification, criminals can not decipher the code, you can not steal the user’s personal information, even if the phone is gone, personal information is still relevant property and other related information is still safe. small pepper will set off a fingerprint identification phone price war? when it comes to mobile phones equipped with fingerprint recognition feature, but also back to the 2013 listing of iphone5S, have to admire apple is always leading the trend of mobile phone. Followed by many mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and HUAWEI are beginning to launch a flagship smart phone with fingerprint recognition capabilities. By this year, the fingerprint recognition phone seems to be a function of all the smart phones will be equipped. from Meizu MX5 to HUAWEI glory 7 and then to the music as a super phone, you can find the fingerprint recognition feature, they even have the fingerprint identification as their flagship, but from the price, the price of these fingerprint recognition feature phones to more than 1000 yuan. And by Chen Haoxin Taobao on Taobao’s mobile phone is a price of only 699 yuan of fingerprint phones, so cheap fingerprint phone will set off a new round of price war. indeed.

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