Editor ‘s Note Li Jianzhen, an ordinary woman, but 20 years as one day to take care of three families. Yang Haiying, Longsheng
a Hmong women, to get up early in the morning the housework every day, take care of paralysis in the bed of her ex husband, he was busy stalls subsistence. Recently, the third national moral models Guangxi Hot E Cig kits award on behalf of the victorious return. Their deeds, although ordinary, but profound interpretation of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. From today, this newspaper will launch the third national moral model of Guangxi, the awardwinning representative of the deeds of the series, please readers attention. a href rel = ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Guangxi News Network used reporter amp; E-CIG CHINA Lei Xiaoqin amp; trainee reporter amp; Liangyuan intern amp; Zhang Xiaomei the amp; reporter amp; he Xueqiao figure, Li Jianzhen p when Li Jianzhen dressed in railway uniform, smiling in front of everyone, no one would have thought, the weak she can put three families took good care of. Li Jianzhen married in 1991, 20 years, she is responsible for the care of three families: one is the home of the parents, one is the home of her husband,
the last one is his home. Li Jianzhen and her husband Li
Wen after marriage, and her motherinlaw live together. Because the father died, her mother infirm, Li Jianzhen will assume the responsibility to take care of her motherinlaw. Later, her mother married, in 1997, the father of a stroke paralyzed, life can not take care of themselves. Mother was due to the reasons for
the work of the body, and the father of two daughters are in the field, a moment can not get back. I’m coming, Li Jianzhen said to the woman in a hurry. In this way, Li Jianzhen also assume the responsibility of taking care of the father. Every day Mechanical Mod and RDA she care, feed water feeding, body massage, pour Disposable e cigarette down the urine feces, never complained. Father with ward patients thought she was the daughter of the elderly, and some also quietly asked: what is she to you? My daughter, said the father. Li Jianzhen motherinlaw said: people say is the daughter E-CIGARETTE CHINA of parents of small cotton padded jacket, I think my wife is just like a small cotton padded jacket, is very warm. p husband Levin 95 year old grandmother, has and Li Jianzhen a life together, in elderly people who suffer from dementia, incontinence, but Li Jianzhen never abandon, brush, wash your face, for the elderly cleaning dirt and served well the old lady. not only so, colleagues and friends, next door neighbours the things she had to see in the eyes, in mind. Zhang sister today to help take care of the children, the decoration of the house tomorrow to help Lee master Jian Jane usually no less to help us. No mention of Li Jianzhen next door neighbours, not her filial piety, enthusiastic praise. p Li Jianzhen this love, three elderly propped up in a warmer world, her family was named national pacesetter for five civilized family households. you
have to take care of the elderly, families, and work, tired ah?