Event Background: mobile href= technology, the rapid development of the traditional Internet industry in the same time, but also to the mobile terminal to provide financial services to facilitate. To make full use of modern advanced information technology to meet the rapid growth of mobile financial needs, in July 11, 2012, Minsheng Bank officially launched mobile banking, today has gone through three years, from the line of 1000000 customers, in 2014 16000000 volume ranks 10000000, to the three anniversary of the breakthrough, its innovative initiatives and rapid development momentum has been recognized by the industry and the media attention. Eric Music: 1600 million users contribute 2.77 yuan of transactions p after three years of rapid development, people’s livelihood mobile banking customers scale has reached 16 million households, customer transactions active degree is leading the industry average, after 2013 ranked mobile banking transaction volume of the first breakthrough trillion, 2014, the annual trading volume to a new level, reached more than 30
Womens Merrell Shoes Fuchsia Yellow000; this year, only half a year time, mobile banking channel processing transaction amount 2.77 trillion, approaching a year throughout the year. Minsheng mobile banking development trend is good, which is mainly due to its build a personal version of the small and micro version of the credit card version and the enterprise edition as well as direct banking
http://ynnation.com/news/html/?170071.html version of the five system, the industry’s mobile banking product system is the most complete commercial banks, in addition to its full payment settlement, customer experience smooth, convenient service rich, fee concessions and other advantages become an important factor to attract users to actively use. mobile financial future development can not be confined to the financial business compared to the user’s daily life consumption, the user’s financial needs are relatively low frequency, in addition to account inquiries, transfers, other financial services consumption frequency is lower. Investigation in the field of mobile Internet successfully app platform, is around the user’s basic needs of daily life offers a variety of service differentiation to gather popularity, enhance user stickiness. so the future bank in the construction of mobile banking platform, need to pay attention to mining and meet the needs of the user’s daily needs, and not limited to the financial services, so do have the following three benefits: first, to enhance user stickiness. Bank Based on its information financial business, or other related life service, such as hydropower coal payment, mobile Paihao, medical service, personalized consumer place recommendation and so on. Although the core business of these business and bank loan department there is no direct link, but if you can make good use of, attract customers.

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