false advertising fraud cases more than the industrial and commercial departments of law enforcement ; [time: October 10, 2012 11:17] [source: Legal Daily] [Author: Du Xiao] [editor: Yang Dong false advertising fraud cases repeatedly banned more than the local industrial and commercial departments of administrative law enforcement victims industrial and commercial administration of the major false advertising role in the geometry? joined merchants, TV shopping In recent years, all kinds of false and illegal advertisements become more proficient in one’s profession, not only ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA harmful to consumers of the legitimate rights and interests, also affected the normal order
of the market economy. In fact, China’s relevant laws and regulations are all kinds of false and illegal advertising to make all kinds of regulations, however, because of the false advertising of fraud cases still occur, the public can not have such doubts these false advertising is how to enter the public life? Whether the advertising regulation played a role? prior to the general by the county, the provincial industrial and commercial authorities in
charge of illegal advertising cases, the future may be directly involved in the State Administration for Industry and commerce. Recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced that in order to strengthen the advertising law enforcement and case handling coordination work, and further intensify efforts to investigate and deal with illegal false advertising, administration will be responsible for the organization, E-CIGARETTE CHINA guidance, coordination and supervision of
the inter provincial advertising illegal case investigation, directly or involved in handling the major illegal false advertising case. Disposable e cigarette in recent years, a number of illegal advertising, the deep, wide has attracted more and more people’s attention, SAIC’s move is considered to increase the crackdown on illegal advertising cases. false advertising fraud more than a whoop and a holler p inconspicuous refill unexpectedly became a tool for fraud, reporter in the interview to understand is through Hot E Cig kits false advertising as an important
means and criminals with signed OEM production of neutral pen core contract, contract fraud. p in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province People’s Procuratorate handled the case, for defrauding customers deposit,
suspect Zhou ganged Liu Mou, Li Mou is deliberate, jointly funded a Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established, Liu served as legal representative. Refill through in the television media advertising to attract many customers to OEM Mechanical Mod and RDA production of neutral pen core, to make the unqualified products the customer refused on the grounds, thereby defrauding customers money. In addition, the suspect Cao knowing certain company fraud company, still for the company acts as a quality inspector, refill repeatedly to customers for the production of unqualified products the customer refused on the grounds. The company through the above means, the victim Wang, a house and a total of more than 120 people, a total of more than yuan. according to the prosecutor’s case, Zhou et E-CIG CHINA al, to significantly higher than the market price;