fast consumer goods as the most widespread and most popular industry, every moment with the Chinese people’s life is closely related, and now the market size has entered a new period of 1000000000000 years. However, this is rooted in the Chinese people’s daily life in the industry, but only less than 3% of the business involved in the electricity business. At the same time, but the online enterprises have targeted the FMCG o2o blue ocean, inroads into the FMCG market, holding the banner of o2o conquering. Such as Jingdong, Gome online and other 3C electricity suppliers are open up the new field of electricity and electricity suppliers, these online big brother all hope that through the development of the original user needs to make strong and fast consumer goods O2O. It never rains but it pours, with the intensification of the economic slowdown, CPI rose weak, weak market, consumer products companies are facing pincer attack from both inside and outside of the dilemma. know yourself as well as the enemy, know yourself. to understand the enemy, the plight and their own p from the outside, FMCG goods industry faces from o2o online and take turns to the bombing, lynx supermarket, shop No. 1, optimizatio
Mens Charles Barkley Posite Max Shine Shoes Yellow Blackn of SF, Tootoo community such as large electric price promotion section made without a moment’s corpuscles, cruel swallow FMCG product line share, the big powers to carve up the market, line entity business super miserable. However, online electricity suppliers have the innate short board, they channel is illogical, the circuit is not smooth. Do not you see, Jingdong draw, Ali marriage Suning, is through the meridians, dredge the channel to an antidote against the disease. from the internal, fast consumer goods in the supply chain management system has a very different characteristics, such as the product category is complex, diverse, short shelf life and not uniform, so that the efficient operation of goods, accurate delivery has become a difficult task, but not high, many management mode is still in the last century. To sail against the current, behind will be beaten, if it continues to out, is also over. Sun Yue, threw the dead land and then save, and then doom to death. Hidden danger of opportunity, the environment is easy to breed the horse be beset with troubles internally and externally to counter attack. FMCG industry on the basis of natural advantage still can Deus ex. The enemy’s short board is our advantage. Decades of accumulated SMOOTH OPERATOR channels and industry experience, is the line just Chushengniudu incomparable. At the same time, Outside the Box, jade, O2O is represent the general trend, but also fast consumer goods industry inflection point in self improvement way. therefore, the core of the traditional fast elimination O2O is how the electricity suppliers technology and traditional channels of integration and recycling, to achieve the entire ecological chain of fast consumer goods industry changes. Through the integration of traditional channel business, business model, producer, brands suppliers, distributors, agents and wholesalers and retailers individual supermarkets, grocery stores, grocery stores, mom and pop stores and consumers demand, integrated into the business transaction distribution platform system. the army attack plan, followed by cross cutting, followed by cutting soldiers, under siege. The strategy is more important than the flies. The alliance is better than the . a lot of traditional fast elimination

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