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small holiday officially came! What was the first day of the holiday? For E-CIG CHINA no holiday overtime dog, small series can only comfort you: I am a glorious labor! In addition, your overtime how ah? The world is so big, want to see it? Would you like E-CIGARETTE CHINA to go on a journey? Is crying in the scenic area? Or do you laugh at home? If you can go to the outside world, it is very good to want to come, but small series will be worried about the state of the small partners before and after the tour will be Hot E Cig kits like this Travel, in fact, has become modern one of the greatest spiritual opium surging crowds, and inedible food, does not stop queuing, continuously bargain ultimately only obediently pay. In the scenic area of tears, is decided to travel when the brain into the water You’re right The ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. Holiday travel traffic queue expensive; holiday scenic roads and many people crowded the toilet urgently; asking for black in Roadside Inn Bed Black Black towel; telephone complaints busy tone spacing posts. What kind
of pit dad thing you have never encountered before? Xiaobian next will take you to an inventory of tourism of the pit father thing those years cheated our tourist attractions. The pit dad attractions may just 3 days, the DIU D
IU vacation, not far away, how to break that had to pick a close domestic attractions to chant then everyone pick a place near. Small partners Disposable e cigarette after watching it is in the area of crying or laughing at home? Or would you like to go out for a
walk? That will pick a little bit of the place,
it will go to Tibet, the tears of the ugly after the flow is decided to go to Tibet tourism brain into the water 9:28 crooked fruit that pit dad attractions many small partners that only the attractions pit father only, the attractions of crooked fruit is the conscience of the industry! To foreign travel is much more interesting, then the workers invented fight holiday Raiders, managed to small holiday spell a big holiday, sat a gray machine sou a voice to ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA fly abroad and. Pyramid on the photo Wow, really Mechanical Mod and RDA a kind of desolate pathos! Pyramid in reality Real estate developers even Cleopatra’s children are accounted for? Stonehenge on the photo Azure misty rain, Stonehenge waiting for you in the reality of Stonehenge Well, I decided not to go! Photos on the Taj Mahal, the United States is too tired to hold their breath to the reality of the Taj Mahal Mom, are you sure you don’t have PS? Where are all the rubbish? Brandenburger Tor in germany King style! Don’t take me, I want to go! Reality in the German Brandenburger Tor What the hell Really just one door! How happy it is to play! Photo on the Barcelona st. Grand! Spectacular! Tall on! Barcelona holy house in reality Well, around so crowded, you builders know? The photo on the Parthenon: India vied with the blue sky, it is really a good scenery The reality of the Parthenon: the blue sky? Sunshine? I’m not looking at the mountains! President hill on the photo: Well, the small series is a man of the art cell, I have felt it a strong artistic flavor! The reality of the president: such a big mountain carving! To make such an art?