founder shareholders to the two round of financing for the West master pocketed the eye. In April 8th, West master with old change new venture near the cabin out in Wudaokou flagship store. Just the day before, West master announced today the capital of tens of millions of dollars financing the second round. Compared with the vivid story marketing, West master business at the beginning of the authentic hamburger in the beginning of the heart are difficult to become the protagonist. In recent years, more and more rely on the Internet concept and story marketing food and beverage brands in the Internet outlet is flying high, attracting a wave of investment, but the investment is behind the madness, and food and beverage brands gradually far away. equity disputes difficult to cut investment enthusiasm April 8th, West master new flagship store opened in Wudaokou, just the day before, West master announced that access to the second round of tens of millions of dollars of investment, the investor is today the capital. , however, the Beijing Daily reporter found that, in this round of financing in the process, the West master is experiencing the concern of the equity disputes. The latest progress in March 19th published the two founders, West master Meng Bing and Luo Gaojing has filed a lawsuit in March 9 to the court, the Song Xin to the transfer price of 120000 yuan valuation of nearly 24000000 yuan of equity. In this regard, the two sides argued for their own, there is no final conclusion. public information, know Meng Bing, Song Xin, Luo Gaojing three people will be in the Xi’an Jiao Tong University Alumni Association of Beijing at the end of 2012, second years in April, established a singularity brothers technology companies, given the time west master 40000000 yuan valuation in investment institutions, in the process of introducing the shareholding structure of the investment, negotiation, conflict Meng song between inspired and led to the introduction of investment stalled. Because there has been no tanlong, when Song Xin left the West master is still a singularity brothers nearly 30% stake. After Song Xin sent an open letter to the company startup time, at the end of 2013 was launched in May and 2014 two times to raise the public, raised a total of $850000, but there has been no open West master earnings, dividends and other several matters did not follow up. The two sides each sticks to his argument for the shares, the final check evidence of both parties at court, until now there is no clear conclusion. At the same time, at the cusp of public opinion of the West master and announced with great fanfare for the second round of financing. There are people in the industry questioned, West master equity dispute is likely to finance the rally hype. In this regard, the Beijing Business Daily reporter repeatedly to contact the relevant person in charge of the West master, the staff said no response. recently, West master this kind of Internet based on the catering enterprises also have access to the Internet investment, investment enthusiasm continues to heat up the food and beverage industry. It is reported that the new brand of God carved beaver has received two rounds of investment in IDG. At the same time, VC investment Huang Taiji, and following a duck 6