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Cheap Kevin Durant V Shoes Men From China recent years, China’s real economy appear remains in the doldrums, the market economy presented a recession. One of buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online the resulting negative effects is to seek illegal interests of all kinds of economic crime is increasing, in which the illegal deposits from the public crime is more common. For example, the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits in the Chinese referee documents for key words to carry out advanced retrieval, from January 2014 to September 2015, there are i like air max shoes more than 1180, of which Chongqing city court at all levels 21. The author is located in Chi ho law firm, as the southwest region’s first focus on criminal defense law firm, in 2014 has handled 19 cases of illegal deposits from the public. The author to Ho Chi firm handling of illegal i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes absorbing public deposits case handling experience is modeled, combined with the relevant laws and regulations and similar case, summed up the part of the defense point of view, to readers., to unit crime set out to defend Ho Chi lawyers in the process is not found in the ceiling of the case, almost all of the fundraising crime is carried out
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Mens Kevin Durant V MKD024ording to the 1999 June 25, the Supreme People’s court on the trial of unit crime specific case application law issues related to the interpretation of provisions, Article 2, Article 3, and the individual is illegal and criminal activities and the establishment of the company, the enterprise, the institution to commit the crime, or the company, enterprise, institution establishment, to the crime is the main activity of, not to be punished for the crime of unit. Misappropriation of the name of the unit crime, the illegal income implementation crime individual dividing, convicted and punished in accordance with the provisions of the criminal law on the crime of natural person. Therefore, in that the absorbing party is a natural person crime or crime, should pay attention to two points, one is the creation of companies involved in illegal activities for the purpose of whether, if the company to absorb public deposits for the purpose of setting up, should be regarded as a natural crime, if not for illegal and criminal activities for the purpose of setting up, in the company opened in the process of absorbing public deposits, it should be identified as the unit crime; second is the company opened after mainly to absorb public deposits as the main business, if it should be identified as the crime of natural person, on the other hand, if the company after the establishment of the existence of other normal business, it may be unit crime. In short, the standard of crime of unit crime is far higher than the natural person crime, in the buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online case of non suction, should focus on consideration of relevant evidence, from the point of thinking on the defense of the unit crime to find a breakthrough. Accurately identified absorption amount of funds according to the provisions of article 176 of the criminal law, illegal absorbing public deposits in the amount of in is one of the condition of the crime, and the criminal defense in the defending opinions of the amount involved in the case of importance is selfevident. 2010 November 22, the Supreme People’s court trial committee the 1502 passed at a i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes meeting of the Supreme People’s Court on the trial of illegal fundraising criminal cases, the specific application of law in some problems explanation hereinafter referred to as the 2010 judicial interpretation the 3 clearly stipulates, illegal absorption or disguised ceiling]