from the date on the line, whether it is Tencent microblog, Sina microblog, the intention in the battle for the top spot in the market pull. But from the two has been the action, the development of the road is very different. Alibaba stake in Sina Weibo, the latter is to open a high speed commercial development mode, and Tencent microblogging recent upgrade, the new micro circle, micro blog, micro channel hot and micro channel four functions, the two in the top of the industry continues to move behind, highlighting the different microblogging ecology. br b steady and eager to cash br b in the business of development level, Sina Weibo launched the first advertising capabilities, mainly based on cookie and user content delivery. But from the analysis of sina Weibo users and industry insiders, Sina Weibo advertising delivery, quite harassing users suspected, to some extent affect the user experience. br for example, once a user slots, on Taobao browse a commodity and login Sina Weibo, advertising will automatically push to send the goods display. But in fact, the user does not buy the demand for this commodity. And, this approa
Mens Charles Barkley Posite Max Shine Shoes Yellow Blackch is more deadly place also, it is possible to expose user privacy. Cite a simple example, users on Taobao browse the adult activities, Sina Weibo immediately push Taobao adult supplies stores advertising, which will undoubtedly touch user privacy. In essence, Sina Weibo advertising function appears to be some radical. br by contrast, Tencent microblogging display advertising is more gentle. This is mainly originates from the behavior of micro blog users and audience accurate analysis, in order to determine what kind of advertisement is displayed. Similarly, I love smart phones and have the same audience, and often concerned about the smart phone industry product information. Tencent micro blog through data analysis and mining, will push the author of the smart phone advertising. Such a model is the author and all users are willing to accept the advertising model, because this kind of advertising is the user needs of information. br also from a technical perspective, Sina Weibo advertising display shared Ali business platform for data and do not have their own processing. And Tencent micro Bo main push of information technology, is based on user data mining, to meet the needs of users of an advertising model, which may also be Tencent micro blog business. Xing Hongyu, general manager of Tencent micro Bo division, said: the future of Tencent micro blog advertising to become part of the entire information reading, and want to establish a link between content and advertising. Allow users to read the information when it is more natural to see ads, and even produce the desire to buy and consume. br from the point of view of the above, the essential difference between Sina and Tencent microblogging is Tencent microblogging is according to the user needs to achieve precise push, Sina Weibo is pushing based on single user behavior or the contents of a single type. The cause of this result, on the one hand because Sina Weibo’s technology is relatively weak, and its rush

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