Data figure: Qiu data figure: Yi Junqing original title: sacked Minister of successful counter attack, a famous economist, Qiu is very active recently, frequent appearances on various occasions to talk about economic issues, talk about real estate, to talk about the stock market, on GDP growth, thanks to plenty of topic component, often become the major financial media reports i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes focus. When it comes to Qiu Xiaohua, some young young partners may not be familiar with the. Ten years ago, he is young and ministerial level officials, influential man, outstanding economist. In 2006, when he was appointed director of the National Bureau of statistics, he, for in-service accepting illegal business owners to send cash, a dissolute life, on suspicion of crime of bigamy and i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes other issues, is double and removed from the post of director, convicted to one year’s imprisonment. Chang’an Street governor (micro channel ID:Capitalnews) pay attention to, Qiu today’s title in addition to the former director of the Bureau of statistics and a famous economist. And was released from prison after many sacked officials unable to earn his own living that life distress different, Qiu Xiaohua, out of the prison door found buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online a job at once, he first in China National buy air max shoes online Offshore Oil Corporation subordinate research institutions, a former senior researcher and to people’s livelih
Mens Dennis Rodman Shoes Black Grey Yellowood Securities chief economist. The new title of the famous economist. Qiu Xiaohua’s economic views close to current events, quite insightful, widely spread in all kinds of new media platforms, but also to make him become a well-known economy of the moment, net red". In fact, as Qiu Xiaohua himself said, "I was a scholar." 1982, graduated from Xiamen University, Qiu Xiaohua assigned to the National Bureau of statistics. In the meantime, whether it is written in 1986, "from the national conditions, national strength of China’s economic development strategy", or in 1991, "three years of reflection and review of the rectification of governance," shocked the Chinese economic circle. He is 30 years old, with government officials, from the industry of high officials and peer evaluation, as less and less. In real life, like Qiu such "counter attack &
Nike Air Force Ones Shoes quot; inspirational story there are many: 2013, Central Compilation and translation Secretary Yi Junqing because life style is free, his name still appeared in the list of the Bureau’s official website experts and scholars, is a high title of experts. 22 months after he was removed from office, he attended buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online a public academic activity and made a keynote report. February 2004, was sentenced to 8 years for the Zhengzhou municipal Party committee Yang Zhenhai was sentenced to be released ahead of Yang Buru political arena, has been in Gongyi, Henan Province, a smelter from technicians to engineers. Media reports said, after his release from prison, his wife had i like air max shoes asked him "to undo the city leadership, to arrange the technical school when the teacher", the son advised father to a steel company, but Yang Zhenhai chose "the acquisition of waste business", a year of net 12.8 million. A year later, he was hired by a factory as a deputy director, in charge of production and technological innovation. Most people sit up and take notice of the characters of Zhu Shijian, the former chairman of the Yunnan Hongta group in 1999
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes sentenced for corruption. After he was released on medical parole, and his wife contracted barren hills and orange. Now, Chu orange
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes through the electricity sold to the renowned the world, when tobacco barons, and went on to become the awards "special tribute to the people". Everyone is different, officials are also not perfect. They walked in the career of state