The original title: buy air max shoes online the next 5 years ecological burial "steadily high" the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery jade Cen three-dimensional garden buried ashes Gallery, Huiqiang Pavilion ratio. With the dead relatives of the people on board the family photo, the ashes of the sea. People in the Evergreen Park in front of the walls of the dead buried buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online their loved ones. The Babaoshan revolutionary cemetery cemetery in Beishan ecological tree". The Babaoshan revolutionary cemetery cemetery "Beishan ecological burial of flowers". Ashes buried in the 1 meters below the flower. Recently, the reporter from the Evergreen Park in the city of Beijing, the ashes of forest base was informed that in Beijing as a base to promote ecological funeral base model, will be in the tomb of the region existing 6.5 acres ashes forest area, planning 12 acres used for tree planting burial, funeral and other ecological lawn and funeral. Meanwhile, the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the person in charge also introduced the next 5 years, the annual ecological burial rate in Beijing will increase by 1 percentage points, reaching 2020, reaching 50% of the ecological burial ratio. Tomb-sweeping Day, is located in Chaoyang District heizhuanghuxiang Evergreen Park ash forest base ushered in a lot of people come clean. Reporters saw the ashes in the forest tree area, people under the pine tree under the tombstone tombst
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey Blackone. There are a circle of trees in the tree, i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes some of which are flowering trees. Seen from a distance, the tombstone is invisible ". This is the ecological burial of the tomb in Beijing. According to the Evergreen Park, the ashes of the forest base, Cao Jie, introduction, Evergreen Park ecological burial rate of 67%, mainly for Li Mu, small art monument. Of recently published the "Beijing funeral career development planning (2016-2020)" Beijing, and previously announced promote construction of ecological green funeral ", Beijing 45 end, ashes buried ecology than the amount of burial and strive to reach buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online 50% of opinion, ashes sea number reached 4%
Nike All Stars Shoes more than the amount of cremation, the ashes landscape dusting amount more than 2% of the amount of cremation. Deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, spokesman Li
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes Hongbing, green ecological funeral stressed the disposal of corpses, ashes ecological environment, service environment, garden, ritual behavior civilization." In the future, there will be a cemetery in Beijing district to build a green cemetery demonstration park, ecological burial rate reached 100%. Urban operating cemetery is set to "grey areas", "open" ecological burial is the main way? 1 stereo sound buried buried wall
Scotty Pippin Shoes type urn to the wall ashes ashes. Subsidy standard Evergreen Park provides a unified public three-dimensional ashes burial services (urn), the city’s financial services to be subsidized. Evergreen garden on the wall of each unified ashes of 3000 yuan, the service period for 20 years. For the key question for the community and to enjoy the urban and rural residents of the i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes minimum subsistence guarantee fee free presentation, cost of the financial burden of the city; others each site from 1000 yuan, financial subsidies, by personal 2000 yuan of public burden. Methods after the death of January 1, 2009, Beijing Hukou residents can go to the park and the commercial application of three-dimensional ashes buried. The funeral industry to deal with the ashes buried business residence certificate of death, death certificates or i like air max shoes cremation certificate and identity proof and a copy of the original pieces of processing. The death of Beijing"