girls have been raped, beware of criminal justice News Comment on 15 years of junior high school students were 6 old men raped after 8 months of pregnancy were found 2016 in January 20, a news become the focus of each big door website: a man named little dream a pseudonym of the 15 year old junior high school girls, after the village was six fifty or sixty year i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes old man raped has to hide his family until pregnant 8 months was found that family members, according to reports, the village 6 men admitted have sex with a buy air max shoes online little dream, and threatened little dream of the family members are not allowed to alarm. It is reported that the case has entered the criminal investigation procedure. see news links: p finished reading the news, in addition to feel grief and indignation of the event itself, let the more worried about is: even if really like news broadcast, little dream system was 6 old man rape. So, in the case of no witnesses, the detection of the case and the prosecution is bound to be difficult to review. there are 6 suspects in the case, are suspected of rape. Since childhood dream has been pregnant for 8 months, the time of the incident has b
Mens Kevin Durant 8 AAA 151126012een very long, little dream of the vagina has not been possible to extract even 1 prisoners of semen. So for public security, forensics thinking of the case, in addition to obtain the statement of the victim a small dream, perhaps only break through the suspect’s confession is a way. i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes first of all, the public security organs must obtain a confession of guilt of several suspects, that is, 6 old man admitted to violence, coercion or other means to rape the little dream. In reality, and regardless of whether the suspect admitted using violence, coercion means rape victims,
Cheap Kevin Durant 4 Shoes Men From China just to prove that a few suspects and the victim does have a sexual relationship, I am afraid it is quite difficult. According to the official news reports, 6 old man has been to the small dream of family buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online recognition and little dream of sexual relations, but the 6 old man in the face of public security organs of the interrogation can still admit his behavior? In the face of legal punishment, even a denial of the disadvantages and evade the crucial point is almost can imagine the result. In this case, the dream of a small family called buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the 6 old man has admitted the testimony on the verdict is obviously not convincing. Cruelty is that,
Cheap Kevin Durant Shoes From China if a few suspects were denied a sexual relationship with the little dream, then the case can not be identified rape. yes, I said that if i like air max shoes the 6 suspects were denied, the 6 can not be identified as the crime of rape. To touch has touched the hand, finally proposed DNA to do here, you reader will remind me little dream the fetus, the fetus’s father is unable to escape the net of justice, but if the suspect, force the small dream hand to him masturbation semen shot in a small dream, and then force the small dream to pull their vagina for fun or in a small dream in front after masturbation ejaculation in hand, and with the semen of hand dug a small dream vagina like to argue, in the absence of other
Cheap Kevin Durant Shoes Men From China evidence, it is difficult to beyond a reasonable doubt, can not be considered a small dream fetus father and little dream happened relationship, only up to compulsory indecent crime the suspect