Guangxi December 29th reporter Zhou Longfu in E-CIG CHINA December 26th 4 pm, from Jiangsu, Lee and his wife together, crossed Dongxing, Dongxing, China and Vietnam friendship bridge after the central red line, excited to say: go abroad!. June 2010, was approved as a key Disposable e cigarette open open experimental area, Dongxing City, the border tour to go abroad is more fiery.
Especially in July 11, 2013, the Dongxing port to resume after the border tourism in ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA different places, the number of people traveling abroad through Dongxing steep rise. A few days ago, href= Guangxi news network reporter walked into the Dongxing experimental area, feel a hot border tour. p Dongxing test area under the jurisdiction of the city of Fangchenggang Dongxing City, port area and Fangcheng district and town, Jiang Shan Xiang, Mao Ling Xiang. Land area of 1226 square kilometers, population of 43.3 million people, 100.9 km land border, 537.8 km of Mechanical Mod and RDA coastline, is also approved Ruili, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Manchuria in a three test sites in the area, largest
population most only cross border and coastal areas of the test area. p Dongxing
test area is rich in tourism resources, sea area of more than 40000 square kilometers, 500 kinds of seafood, forest resources 1500 kinds. Drinking water source to water quality compliance rate, the coastal waters of the sea water quality and surface water quality compliance rate, urban environmental air quality
throughout the year were up to 100%. Has is unique in the world of golden camellia nature reserve, to be approved by the United Nations Environment programme included the world’s three major GEF mangrove international demonstration area, golden beach, whitecaps beach, screen peak forest park three 4A level scenic spots, as well as national non material cultural heritage of Jing ha Festival, stringed instrument and other wellknown brands. The test area is known as township E-CIGARETTE CHINA of Chinese Egret, Chinese longevity village, Chinese Camellia nitidissima Chi Town, China, oxygen. These titles, has attracted many tourists from the mainland’s yearning. to the mainland tourists to Dongxing tourism, many of the feelings of the border or go abroad to come. July
11, 2013, the Ministry of public security and Tourism Bureau approved the resumption of border tourism in Dongxing port to handle the business license. After August 3rd, the number of foreign business license from the port of Dongxing has been opened, as of November, has accumulated a total of 24418 trips to the border tourism. At present, Dongxing has been opened to Vietnam, Xialong, Hanoi and other 4 tourist routes, 17 travel agencies to open up the tourism business in vietnam. Today, mainland Hot E Cig kits tourists arrived in Dongxing, only need to spend a hundred dollars, half an hour to do exit formalities. in addition to travel abroad, is located in the Dongxing experimental area of whitecaps beach and