Has become the industrial workers insurance of social insurance can become a safety valve Tan Haojun According to media reports, at present, our country units and individuals to pay five of the social insurance for the employees, about 46% of the wages of workers in the. Human society has said that in the list of 173 countries and regions of the statistical data, China’s social insurance payment rate of thirteenth, higher than 160 countries and regions, where the high rate of pension insurance. and according to the media projections, if the office workers pay social security, even if only to take the average wage level of Beijing social income, the whole career personal and social security payments will reach millions of dollars. The workers can get the final hand, the average may not exceed 50%. That is to say, the replacement rate is only 5, which is why a lot of people prefer to choose a commercial insurance is not E-CIGARETTE CHINA a major cause of social insurance. and other reports, in the case of social insurance premium payment base standards, the social security funds gap is constantly expanding. According to the 2015 national social insurance ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA fund budget, excluding financial subsidies this year’s deficit will exceed 300 billion, up to two times as much as that of last ye
ar. So, why is the emergence of a high standard of payment, the gap is more and more big gap? In addition to the heavy historical burden, increasing the value of non high factors, the most important issue is the low E-CIG CHINA rate of insurance, coverage is not high. Among them, the social insurance has been reduced to the insurance industry workers is one of the main problems. is well known, from the actual situation in these years, although the level of the
base of the continuous increase in the payment of the standard, but also actively encourage residents to participate in social insurance, and strive to expand the coverage of social insurance. However, the effect is not obvious. Because, the scope of the encouragement and effort is always put in the real Disposable e cigarette estate industry and industrial workers, but did not expand
to other areas and scope, resulting in the expansion of social insurance coverage of the efficiency is not high, the role is not large. in fact, in many areas, the material conditions of social insurance to pay more than the real business, such as real estate field. However, because of the strong liquidity and weak management, most of them are free from social insurance payment, which makes the enterprise better avoid the obligation to take on social responsibility, and also lose the important source of social insurance. Instead, if the collection and payment of social insurance can be effective radiation to the field of real estate, from the real estate market in previous years popular,
its contribution to the social insurance certainly Mechanical Mod and RDA not less. Even now, to provide social insurance is also based on very thick. The problem is that the relevant aspects of the problem does not seem to be seriously studied, and just stare at the eyes fixed on the real estate industry and industrial workers, so that social insurance has gradually evolved into industrial workers insurance. Natural, social insurance income and expenditure conflicts can not be avoided, the problem of the high standard of social insurance payment is also difficult to solve the problem. In the end, Hot E Cig kits the safety valve of social insurance is getting smaller and smaller, and the effect is getting worse and worse. is also because of this, in the study how to resolve
social insurance