Has done a survey on some interesting than medical persons in dozens of people surveyed, there are 98% people in the hospital to eat anything, because I feel there is too dirty. There are about 90% people stand in the hospital environment. Indeed,
Nike Air Max 2014 Men Shoes the hospital’s atmosphere is very offbeat. Thick
Nike Air Max 87 Tape Men Shoes purulent sputum, hanging in the mouth of vomit and greasy in the pants of urine and excrement, limbs, bloody, and buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online so on scene full of eyes; feces odor, urine Saowei, phlegm smell the salty, blood, and disinfection choking smell buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online every day filled with nasal; groans, cry, cry sound, curse sound to make people upset the voice at any time hears. This is the real image of the hospital, it is the medical staff have to face every day, to the working environment of portraiture. Think carefully, is a bit i like air max shoes of a contradiction, medical personnel, who every day are in associating with the types of dirt, but every day is doing is considered the most holy things. Colleagues often joked, don’t look at the hospital where almost all white, like where is clean. In fact, here in the feces, urine, pus, sputum, fart, all human excrement can be seen every day. Compared with nor
Mens Nike Air Max 2014  M14020mal people, doctors feel that it seems a little crazy. So, all the hospital a few common scenarios can visually experience the doctors how offbeat. The first one said, the process of gastric lavage rescue food poisoning patients. Gastric lavage is a method of treatment of emergency food poisoning patients often use. Purpose is to eliminate the sick in the stomach poison, maximize reduce patient’s absorption of toxins, reduce the degree of poisoning
http://www.xinkeji.com.cn/news/html/?56386.html by flushing to the patient’s stomach. Doctors to put a piece of soft rubber tube along the patient’s mouth slowly inserted into the patient’s stomach, which is under the tube, with gastric tube gradually into the patient’s throat, the patient will start again and again to stimulate vomiting. If patients to eat less is better, if the patient eat something more, the Hou more to look forward to, in the stomach contents, accompanied by the smell of pesticides, a buy air max shoes online subsidiary of a subsidiary to spray out, sometimes touch on a i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes lucky, all of a sudden spray your face, hey, if this time to race against time, and not enough time to wear masks, that beauty, full you two or three days see the food full. No i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes wonder some nursing sisters said it was special to lose weight. This time, a lot of poor tolerance of the patient’s family to see this shape, often the root of pooling some excitement, began to vomit, so it is more lively. The process of warm degree next higher, after the tube next to the proper position, the washing process started. Instant some chewed, or is not chewed food dregs, mixed with gastric juice; red, white and green; broken, the whole, paste; white flowers mixed
Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Mens Shoes with more intense or sour or salty or fishy. Smell, as if in the patient’s stomach was bored for a long time after, stay not bottom go to, are scrambling to from the patient ‘s belly rapidly running out. Part Straw is sucked into the container, a part or a stream, or a beach bed, or a splash of medicine. This time, the general room 5