He Yumin talks about the exact time of human cancer tumor has not be traced, even it can be said: a man, a cancer. At present, people have been identified: 3500 BC before and after the cancer has already begun plaguing mankind. From then on, it has always to harass people, but in a long historical period, relative to other diseases and health problems, before the late 19th century, it threaten and harm is not prominent. There is also no too much face up to it. From the modern sense, people really fight against cancer, it was from the end of the nineteenth Century. Halstead W.S.Halsted was a famous American scientist of surgery, but also can be said to be the first person in modern surgery. In 1881 he established the principles and methods of radical surgery of breast cancer, is considered to have the historical significance of modern human beings fight against cancer
Nike Air Force One Low Men Shoes in the course of a landmark event. From more than one hundred years after that, for the treatment of cancer, once rose to the utmost extent, especially in the United States. At the end of the 1960s, with the Americans landed on the moon, conquer the world of ambition and arrogance extreme expansion, from time to
Womens Nike Air Force 1 High WAH016 time Americans such questioning: this great country of ours can send people to the moon, why can’t they find a cure for cancer In 1968, a columnist gobor published cure cancer: national goal one book, very popular, more to this goal to the national level. When caught in i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes the quagmire of the Vietnam War. President Nixon said: if he is able to achieve two major goals: the end of the Vietnam War and the defeat of the raging
http://vccucinecn.com/plus/feedback.php?aid=14 cancer, he will serve as the lincolnesque man was included in the annals of the country. In buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online December 1971, Nixon as president in the White House signed the National Cancer Act, in an unprecedented move, in the form of i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes national legislation, sounded the conquering cancer into the number! Since that time, almost the entire United States into the war on cancer and passion, we are full of confidence. When he was Secretary of the National Cancer Institute director Kenneth Endicott Professor even said: the next step, completely cured, unstoppable. However, 30 to 40 years later, not to count the manpower, money and material had dropped, light the United States
Nike Air Force One Low Women Shoes government investment money is difficult to statistics, can not be said to no progress, but convergence is small. Although from completely conquered,
Nike Air Force One High Women Shoes the gap is very big. With Americans self evaluation: at best, we just raised some early cancer treatment, we are still at a loss what to do in advanced cancer. buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online The mechanism of cancer, shows only the tip of the iceberg, the human is very far from the truth. Therefore, the 2002 International Cancer Prevention Alliance CPC helplessly pointed out: we lost the war on cancer. Why is this so? People will ask this question! As a wise leader in the American medical profession in western medicine has been in the reflection. There are a lot of work indepth analysis of the history of this period, roughly on the understanding of people today are more calm, more rational, and more effective response to cancer, be i like air max shoes of great advantage! Radical resection of cancer, the consequences of most probably buy air max shoes online it did not actually happen; as everyone knows, the fight against cancer, is the three magic: surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. piece