how many times the marketer hate not like Westward Journey in Zijin fairy like drilling in the heart, customers have a look what is he thinking? How many times the marketer hate not like boast swims on the west in Zijin fairy like drilling in the heart, customers have a look what is he thinking? If you are the one there is a saying: the female guest was born poor Li Zhinan guests moved to tears Lian Lian, he kept praise, and uniform light, ten dynamic but refused to. said the girl thought the boy you don’t guess, guess have guessed it, in fact, enterprises survey encounter and this almost. Ask answer customer behavior and practical ideas always differ in thousands of ways. A female friend of my almost to the real estate intermediary Crazy: she can to a set of perfect apartment out countless structural problems, but you can never tell the intermediary and the husband said she didn’t want to leave her motherinlaw lived too close. Another example, my mother and I go shopping, the vendors know she accused the ugly clothes material’s difference, but is a woman bargaining tricks! The last example of weapons of mass destruction of male friends, if you ask what your girlfriend to eat, and she replied casually, then you really easily, the results will be how? no wonder the famous Sun Circus Cirquedu Soleil marketing senior vice president Mario D ‘Amico sighed and said: how can you expect people to tell you what is he thinking? If we ask customers what they want and we have every day circus Swan Lake! because of the social norms and cultural pressure, personal privacy, framing effect and other reasons, the traditional means of marketing investigation and study more and more difficult to obtain true customer attitude information, makes the marketing work is often ineffective, counterproductive. How many times have marketing hate like boast swims on the west in the celestial Zixia, drilling the customer in the heart and see what is he thinking? now, this dream is becoming a reality America’s new brain scanning Brain Scan, eye tracking Eye Tracking technology and has been widely used conjoint analysis method ConjointAnalysis, so we can through cognitive neuroscience, experimental engineering and statistical analysis of science crystal ball to ascertain the real consumer’s psychological activity, and further optimize the marketing strategy. brain scans through the subconscious I’m teaching brand class most like to do, is to CocaCola and Pepsi Cola Bottles removed brand label, modeled on the Chinese sound, let the students blind test which is better to drink. Results and marketing agency years measured the same: when there is no brand identity, more consumers think Pepsi Cola drink. But when a brand identity, more consumers consider CocaCola good drink. CocaCola also sold better in real life. Why is this? Some people may say that is the brand effect