I seem to hear the voices of flowers in the dream, in the bushes and who whisper to one another? 1 roses are common, the streets are in the flower shop. Seen the biggest, 99 roses, Mr Jun proposal to send, at that time the take a hold, so heavy, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA to hug, delicious, and it was rose to spell. Heard from Rock Rose Manor, it is very much for the. I am not a person who likes to join in the fun, so, are waiting for a period of time after cooling, to see the rose of the manor. Each of the estate is good, but only for people who know the flowers. Whether it is a prosperous 3000, or a world barren, all escape but years of change, it’s not as good as, as Nianhua shallow flower static enjoy a Qing Huan fine weather, returning from friends, awfully. Drove to the E-CIGARETTE CHINA outskirts of the garden, flowers scattered. Worth mentioning, the most love no scenery. End: because it is the Disposable e cigarette flower, so it is the end. To the back of the buckwheat flowers, I stand in a lake, a flower is not the best season to choose flowers. Sometimes I really do not understand why drive so far, to over flowers; sometimes also really did not understand why
go so multiplex, to a landscape; sometimes. Many do not understand, when standing somewhere in a moment of the moment, all don’t understand all the wind. The reason for the trip is really simple. One day, she lifted the cloth Quan Xiang, mention more lake, I meet a: I
heard that, I also want to go. So, a beautiful trip also began. Day just a little light when we set out, get up early to
get up early to get
more positive than to get up, more without complaint. In Longan after the highspeed, along the way with a road around the mountain, a kilometer to
the town of nearly a mile. She held a few times to catch the wind, always wanted to hold, hold! We all think: This is nature! We came to the river, the river is clear blue and slowly flow slowly, the wind and the waves gently walk, you can see the following stones, there are a lot of fish to swim. The spring breeze of our skin, hesitates for a time in the river, such as unreal, beauty. The vast mountain, Lu Yao. The language of light whisper? In silence. The millennial sage stories, dreaming in the bamboo building. A smile jade mirror, exquisite heart. In the hidden world in the deep mountains and forests, we have a small boat, mountain climbing, and then a small boat to arrive. In fact, ordinary however, commercial atmosphere thick, with most of the Miao Village attractions almost, but we have no matter where to go, although photographs, eating, laughing. [and] Yes, it is. Together we Hot E Cig kits Hanchuang studying for six years, from middle school to high school, the time Mechanical Mod and RDA was more than ten years, I think we all forget each other’s face. Before this, whenever the time of the time of the float, whenever the time when the side only their own time, always feeling sad, I will say E-CIG CHINA to myself: my life has been a human, years to let me wait. Now, time for me to meet my people, the feeling suddenly looked up, will smile into each other’s eyes. There are a lot of young stories. But you and me not what can be used to recall, in my impression, you are be scanty of words,?