In the central four modernizations slogan, place to pursue political debt and capital instinct of the third party force below trend, in a recent period of time, in many parts of the country appeared craze industrial and commercial capital of the countryside, the media in this regard is basically a welcoming attitude, less on ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA industrial and
commercial capital to the countryside may bring problems indepth investigation and analysis. And according to the author of the research center of rural governance in China, the research center of rural governance in China, the industrial and commercial capital to the countryside there are serious security risks, if not to prevent, may cause serious consequences. A commercial and industrial capital to enter the field of Disposable e cigarette agriculture has inevitability and rationality. Tian to the household after, especially Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech since, industrial and commercial capital into agricultural prenatal and postnatal link, especially in agricultural product processing and storage marketing brand packaging field, strengthen the agricultural docking with the market capacity, improve the level of agricultural modernization. Households engaged in agricultural production and farmers, small production difficult and market docking, the E-CIGARETTE CHINA industrial and commercial capital into agricultural postpartum processing and sales link has inevitability and rationality. Industrial and commercial capital in addition to the post natal aspects of the planting industry, but also to enter the dairy industry and aquaculture. Before an
d after the abolition of Mechanical Mod and RDA agricultural tax, the state in order to guarantee the stability of the city to the price of meat, and encourage the scale of farming, resulting in the emergence of a industrial and commercial capital into the aquaculture industry do million head of pig farms climax. At present, the national pig slaughter more than half of the total number for the slaughter of more than 300 scale breeding. Chicken duck and so on also have this tendency. Because of its high demand for processing and brand building, the
dairy industry has almost all the milk processing industry and commercial capital. In recent years, the industrial and commercial capital into the cultivation of the post production process and the industry has different, but is to protect the industry, the paper discusses the industrial and commercial capital to the rural areas through the transfer of rural land contract management rights to enter into the agricultural industry, which is the latest trend of industrial and commercial capital into agriculture, and is being encouraged by local governments at all levels, such as industrial and commercial capital may bring serious problems. Two generally speaking, agricultural production is the combination of natural process and social process, it is difficult to carry out standardized labor evaluation, so natural for family business. China currently has about 200000000 households, a total of 2000000000 acres of arable land, the 2000000000 acres of arable land of about 23 a little more for the cultivation of food. Grain is a staple agricultural products, is the foundation of national agricultural security, the state of the implementation of the protection of grain purchase price. It is precisely because of the food is agricultural commodities, resistant storage, state protection of the acquisition price, agricultural food production is also mostly standardized production, farmers planted
grain does not exist problems and market butt joint. The socalled small production and big
market contradiction, in the food and the food there is basically No. Is because of the smallscale production and big market docking problem does not exist, the family business as the foundation of a peasant in grain production has a natural advantage, grain production to China more than 200 million small Hot E Cig kits farmers provides the opportunity to share the agricultural GDP, E-CIG CHINA and it is through the grain production, farmers can be to get a selfsufficient economy by courtyard economy. In other words, farmers engaged in farming can not only make money through grain income, and they