in the film in the era of the Revenge of the 2: in the emergence of an ultimate artificial intelligence robot Austrian record, it can be based on the needs of their own to create the body, and its own sense of the internet. This can not help but let me think of the current domestic IT to DT change, in fact, and the Austrian record, we are now doing is to move our data to the cloud, in order to prepare for the future can be more portable and more accurate application. When the data is immortal Yu Yunzhi, that is the DT world comes on the occasion. cloud computing spear is sharp to wear the border at the July 22nd summit of the cloud habitat conference in Beijing, Ali cloud focus released 11 new products, more than 50 industry solutions, open Internet architecture solutions to enterprise users. Ali cloud is trying to create a sufficient sharp cloud computing spear, it must have enough volume to carry over the barriers of traditional it. Traditional thinking of it, the general enterprise in order to cope with the wrong growth of business volume are purchases or to increase the new server to solve the
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Blue problem, and cost of new servers to buy, hosting room seats, multiple Internet access is also rising, in addition, the huge technical maintenance costs has become the enterprise huge expenditure burden. And cloud computing can dispel the concerns of users, thanks to the development of cloud computing, companies do not have to spend huge amounts of money to buy new servers and traditional IT related services, can be based on their own needs, like to buy gas, water and electricity, to buy cloud computing services to reduce costs, improve efficiency. cloud computing must use the scale of expansion to achieve the effect of the magnitude of the increase. Ministry of industry and Information Research Institute released the cloud computing white paper 2014, the data show that in 2013 China’s public cloud services market size of about 4760000000 yuan, the growth rate reached 36%, much higher than the global average. And the reasons for this change are mainly three aspects: first, the government’s demand for the purchase of cloud computing surge; two, data applications and sharing, especially mobile Internet development, promote the pace of enterprises to accelerate the pace of the cloud; three, Internet banking and big data development, driven by cloud computing applications in finance, insurance, Internet and other industries. To Ali cloud, for example, after the launch of the cloud and the plan last year, Ali cloud has brought together more than 50 industry solutions, covering games, multimedia, government, medical, Internet of things, financial and other eight areas. These solutions are provided by more than 200 large partners, the next three years, the global partnership will expand to 2000. Cloud computing is eliminating industry boundaries, to help users achieve a deeper level of data integration, the future may not exist in the cloud industry, and only the structural changes in the data. cloud computing shield is strong enough to protect data value in the DT world, the data from the deep sleep wake up, began to flow, become the new basic energy. This means that the data will become the most valuable asset. Above is the industry’s recognition of data in the DT world.

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