in the industrial chain has been in a weak manufacturing, is trying to use a complete industrial chain layout to enhance the core competitiveness, completely get rid of the history of China’s manufacturing act as a channel. In the field of LCD TV competition incandescence, TCL TV with breakthrough industry chain integration of the road is worth ruminate. as is known to all, Sony is industry grasp the core panel display technology is one of the few enterprises, and in the field of liquid crystal TV formed a relatively complete industrial chain. Benefit from the impact of the industrial chain, SONY LCD TV products has been a symbol of highend quality. Because of this, the domestic LCD TV companies will attempt t
Mens Nike Terra Sert White Creamo build the industrial chain, in order to enhance their core competitiveness. Now it seems that the LCD industry chain integration strategy has yielded results TCL. br however, important role of LCD industry chain integration of TCL TV, currently only to build the core competitiveness. Mastered the core technology of LCD panel manufacturing, equivalent to the right of the industry’s voice. After SONY launched 4K TV, TCL TV also closely follow the market situation, the introduction of 4K HD TV products. Imagine, if not the advantages of LCD panel manufacturing, TCL is very difficult to launch 4K Ultra HD LCD TV, because the core technology is the 4K LCD TV screen. br in addition, LCD panel to achieve the independent production, changes in the most intuitive is TCL TV profit margins have increased dramatically. At present, TCL TV 32 inch products, all of the use of the LCD panel Huaxing Power production. The other according to TCL CEO Li Dongsheng said, Huaxing Power inside sales accounted for less than 50%, external customers in five major TV manufacturers have bought Huaxing photoelectric products, Samsung has become the important to customers.

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