in the past two years, Chinese politics can be summed up in two words: anticorruption. It is said to have destroyed 100000 corrupt officials. Big tiger sacked the rhythm is almost a bit numb, Internet users the most common reaction is: Elmar, two weeks, how does not have a ministerial level officials sacked? A good big tiger ; Mechanical Mod and RDA p this session of the government’s anticorruption determination, scale and the victory is certainly unprecedented since the Republic of China, there’s no doubt about that, but with the deepening of corruption and some questions not only did not get the answer, or even more. For example, in the end why corruption? When is the system established? Anti corruption in the end there is no road map? ; why corruption is the most important, especially some officials are particularly concerned about. Many officials have privately asked me, in the end, the anticorruption Is it right? Discriminate against those who hold different views to consolidate power? I said, I think so, but now it seems not quite so.. Whether it is or anticorruption to now, has become a not an
ti down also not go. ; Disposable e cigarette some of the officers heard the expression immediately after the dark, so I confused. However, shortly after I understand come over: if is to slaps and corruption, so the alien is removed, corruption
can tell a paragraph the; if it is to eliminate corruption and corruption, that is different, the socalled bow is no
turning back. For public speaking, hate the silencing of anticorruption, E-CIG CHINA eliminate corruption anticorruption support; but for some officials in power, the opposite is Hot E Cig kits true: they don’t have to worry about cut off the alien, and afraid to eliminate corruption anticorruption. ; this thing to trigger my thinking. Recently in Beijing to consult an expert: why corruption always gives people the feeling cut off the alien? He said, corruption is sure to be a breakthrough from the alien
started, why would anyone give their guagu healing? But now the anticorruption, had can you tell me just sacked the high court vice president who is? ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA I asked again, why not to clarify, back to the feeling? Even the domestic media will be the first time that the corrupt officials sacked the team? ; man smiled and said, this is the strategy. China’s corruption to what extent you do not know, if you want to completely eliminate corruption, he will be destroyed; if you come up on what system corruption, then this powerful system
will certainly E-CIGARETTE CHINA be like a meat grinder as he twisted Cut off the alien from the beginning of anticorruption, Shuntengmogua, there must be a context to follow, to later, unknowingly changed composition. ; also used this trickery too deep? Anti corruption also to the water boiled frog, so that all the corrupt officials are beginning to realize that this wave of anticorruption is not them, but those who stand the wrong team. So, eighteen