Video loading, please wait for a period of time… Auto Play Camp changed to increase the pilot "five one" after the full push data. China News Agency reporter Zhang Daozheng photos may 1, power (Chongqing) today, the camp to increase and new regulations of
Carmelo Anthony Shoes a batch of economy of the new regulations will be formally landing, the impact on enterprise management, the lives of the residents are in many aspects. After many years of experiment and practice. On May 1, the business tax levy value-added tax will be formally implemented in buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the country, is expected to reduce the corporate tax burden more than 50 million yuan; at the same time, reduce the endowment insurance, unemployment insurance and Housing enterprises provident fund deposit ratio, enterprise worker is basic endowment insurance payment i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes rate dropped to 20% below. " "In the nationwide implementation of second-hand housing transaction tax will reduce the burden, on May 1, China will fully implement the camp to increase, the scope of the pilot expanded to construction, real estate, finance, service life, all enterprises in the new real estate contains within the scope of VAT deduction, to ensure that the tax only reduced without increasing." Manufacturing, commercial, so the
Penny Hardaway Shoes original VAT industry, as well as pre has been included in the part of the pilot range of transportation, postal services, telecommunications, modern ser
Mens Hardaway Shoes 150304013vice industry, the four major industries in order to increase the scope of VAT input tax deduction, the tax burden will generally fall. " Treasury Secretary Lou Jiwei has stressed that the industry’s tax burden policy design can only be reduced by, but does not guarantee that all corporate tax burden falls. Camp changed to increase in the end what is the change? Business tax as tax price, including tax at the tax target price, there is double taxation of repeated criticism; and different,;u=2 the VAT is buy air max shoes online jiawaishui, in addition to increase the tax on the tax price of goods or services. It is buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online not difficult to see, "one of the most important purposes of the value-added tax to replace the business tax" is the burden of the taxpayer. Through a unified tax system, through the service industry and the three industry chain, from the system to eliminate duplication of Taxation, so that the role of tax neutrality can be fully played. From the general public concern of second-hand housing transaction tax changes, before the new deal, second-hand housing transactions required to pay sales tax rate is 5%, and after the reform, the business tax is take value-added tax to replace, although the rate constant, but different calculation, let the tax burden loss. To 100 million yuan a set of housing prices, for example, in the past 5% sales tax and tax formula for 100 million yuan and 5% yuan; that is, the need to pay 5 million yuan of sales tax. Value added tax although the tax rate is 5%, but due to the value added tax is jiawaishui, so the tax base for 1 billion yuan / (1 + 5%), the actual payment of VAT 95.2 million yuan 5% to $476 million yuan, pay less to 2400 yuan. Rate of social security will reduce stage, personal treatment from April 14, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the stage of social insurance rates down i like air max shoes the notice, notice clear to reduce the pension insurance and unemployment insurance that explicitly incorporates the maternity insurance and the basic medical insurance. Data chart. Residents of Shandong County, Linyi City, Tancheng Province, are showing their social security
Merrell Shoes cards. Xinhua news agency released i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes photos, Zhang Chunlei specifically to reduce the number? Notice, because of the possibility of enterprise employees