Intelligent hardware layout of the line into a key LePar can establish barriers to competition yesterday released music as mobile phone, and music as a super TV this year will also impact 300400 million units sold, has been questioned as the existing sales channels can carry as terminal sales plan, and yesterday as soon as LePar summit, through equity incentives in China around in search of the line 2015415 the United States really big promotion from suppliers to get cheap? Last year, the United States online and Jingdong showdown is a major focus of the electricity supplier industry, whether it is 618 or 11, the 418 year period, Gome online is more directly to the go to the truck to the Jingdong downstairs, Jingdong direct provocation, and passive when Liu Qiangdong to provoke a price war should have different anti. Yesterday 2015414 Jingdong brush single foreign media attention to capital news began Jingdong brush single event has in the past period of time, although anecdotal discussion continues, mainstream media such as CCTV also began investigating reports shop brush single problem. In April 11th, American Forbes website published an article about this event, that Jingdong brush single exist for a long time will cause the panic of investors. Iron brother also believed that, as 2015413 of apple is not always Wei Guangzheng Apple should be the most Internet companies, Internet companies, if someone dares to criticize apple fruit powder in public opinion will be out, either by Apple’s marketing is either jealous. 2015413 WeChat shielding, Ali will hit the south wall shielding in the early WeChat may want to kidnap Ali back to the user experience can be Alisi links to state, there is no cooperation, WeChat thereon. 2015410 from the edge network dummy Internet bubble talk recently about the Internet bubble point of view cause a temporary clamour, Pan Shiyi concluded that Internet entrepreneurs 80% bubble. But exactly what is the bubble? Internet Co is also very not easy, in the face of the investor should consider not only the number of users, the installed capacity should be user activity time in my heart. Therefore, many enterprises in the normal 201549 who is the electricity supplier countryside optimal model of iron brother new year back home, found that the penetration rate of the rural electricity supplier fast is beyond my imagination. 201548 entertainment treasure, Taobao film give Ali pictures who most nervous today Ali pictures announced that they had received an asset in its parent holding company Alibaba group injected suggest, may inject transaction will include online movie ticketing business Alibaba group, as well as the platform of movies and other media content production financing. Media analysis, the business entity with 201546 white appliances business transformation opportunities and misunderstanding had iron brother on liquor industry business of the popular, share with you today, especially the white home appliances household electrical appliance industry, the electricity supplier of the problems and challenges. Ali had announced the establishment of smart life division, the integration of the group’s Tmall Electric City, Ali intelligent cloud, Tao Baozhong raised three business departments, and with the United States 201544 Vintage: winning the middleaged customers on April Fool’s day in 1.