introduction: Chen Yizhou said his current portfolio relatively satisfied everyone. From his answer, everyone in the investment startup company, the company’s growth is very high.Href= DCM at the CEO summit in July 24th, the founder and href= CEO director of the Lu Rong DCM director of a dialogue. Lu Rongyi began to ask: we invest in all the time, they think it can be made into the Facebook of China, why not? And Chen Yizhou only responded by saying, because China has a Chinese version of the . However, in the next discussion on the investment issues, Chen Yizhou has shown active thinking, responsive, he said that he was relatively satisfied with the current investment portfolio. From his answer, everyone in the investment startup company, the company’s growth is quite high, the little whip it the following is Chen Yizhou in the dialogue to disclose the informa
Mens Nike Air Foamposite One Size US 14.15 Sky Bluetion: In the past few years, everyone has deployed 800000000 U.S. dollars, invested about 40 companies, in the United States, Japan, Israel have, some of the funds invested in the unicorn. In fact, in the United States, we do not do too much to invest, to maintain the proportion of the investment portfolio in 20%, not much. For us, we have a more comprehensive understanding of technology. As a businessman, the more excellent the investment is good for you to judge the business. We are going to guide how the company has become a Growth Hacking Growth, you need to pay attention to what numbers, China’s momentum is very strong in terms of the Hacking. if the enterprise growth effect is not enough to be living in the flesh, some companies have only wanted to grow 5 times, we will tell him, you can grow 50 times, why not try? In China’s pioneering experience let us have an immediate feeling of growth. we invested 3 years ago to create a million education, when the founder of the Standford school, is going to talk about 4 schools, but I told him not to do, you have to find 50 schools, I give you a little money. Finally, we did a lot of investment, and they are developing very well. , 3, 4 years ago, the contact of the Usa Inc’s resistance is to save

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