Introduction: MAC CRM this round of $4000000 for the A round of investment, is currently one of the Saas field of A wheel financing the highest amount of real enterprise. In 2014 middot; Next special talent showing itself Chinese innovation; enterprise Mai CRM recently revealed to the business, has won a $4000000 A wheel financing. Mike CRM flagship form do information collection and contact management, according to founder Li Hui introduced, this round of funding will be used mainly for the comprehensive upgrading of version two products. Mike CRM also became the first domestic response VC community initiatives and actions announced the real financing amount disclosed the true financing Venture Company. took part in China game innovation, millions of Yuan Mai CRM soon gained, and selected the top 100 enterprises in the business by the end of 2014. Mai in 2013 CRM launched in September, is a lightweight information collection and contact management tools, in the re definition of information collection work. The form function of zero cost to create a custom information collection form to let the user, support questionnaire, activity registration, online order, feedback and other various scenes of the custom, and can effectively integrate a variety of channels, such as mail, microblog, WeChat, customers will submit feedback unified backstage, and users can mobile phone APP, WeChat to find these questions and feedback system, which can be and contact relevant data of precipitation down, for the followup information display, information transfer and lay the foundation. MAC CRM this round of $4000000 for the A round of investment, is currently one of the Saas field of A wheel financing the highest amount of real enterprise. Chose in the years after this all is in God start slow, attention is not focused time announced financing sources, Mai team said is to take action in response to Xu Xiaoping’s call, Mai have emboldened dare publish the amount of financing the most real! Li Hui said. In February 22nd, founder Xu Xiaoping initiative venture circles in the microblog eliminate the phenomena of false investment. Subsequently, many venture capital institutions, the media have expressed support and will together into purification and supervision team. currently Mai CRM is fully developed 2 products, Li Hui said the product revision levels is an innovation. 2 MAC CRM contacts will greatly strengthen the function, and the source of contact data is not only the past form, will also increase the short message mailbox, phone records, based on user authorization, Mai will help users to contact data scattered throughout the you and others have gathered, and classification of these contacts, classification, convenient for the subsequent management of contacts. Mai from 0 to 1, from a concept into a practical and convenient form tool. From the 1 to the larger, we need to start with a simple and efficient information gathering tools into real value creating tools for users, do CRM management light novel. Li Hui said. In 2015 January, Li Hui was elected to the start state 30