introduction: once Internet banking has been hoping to replace the traditional banking functions, while avoiding the risk of losing control of private lending, as in Chinese immature stage, pain is inevitable. recent financial events occurred in two in sharp contrast, one is the stock triumph, the Shanghai index hit a 7 year high, optimists think that in 2015 stock index to 5100 points; on the one hand, the new Internet finance recent troubles, many P2P giants are huge bad debts, caused a public outcry. As two important investment channels, this normal? stock market often represents a barometer of a country’s economy, deepening reform, the Internet promote the traditional enterprise transformation, the two sessions this year lowered the GDP growth target, the government work report and improve the stability of macroeconomic policy as the first priority, taking into account the end of last year to increase the central railway, water conservancy and other infrastructure construction investment, through the along the way to encourage enterprises to participate in overseas infrastructure construction, increase security policy efforts in enhancing. The size of the fiscal deficit widened to 2.3% in 2014, due to financial expenditure balance, this year the actual deficit rate can reach about 2.7%, which will be reversed in the second half of fiscal expenditure tight situation last year. There is a big space inflation target and the actual inflation data, the central bank monetary policy will continue. The reform of the economic field and gradually implement is helpful to further stimulate the vitality of enterprises, the establishment of a more longterm economic growth momentum. A series of favorable circumstances, it is no wonder that optimists have risen 5100 points. The birth of Internet banking, the initial purpose is to help the enterprise to obtain the long tail demand for funds, the traditional banking business model, is the center of the centralized business model, depositors to pool funds to accommodate to the bank through the unified platform, the bank through the interest differential gain profit through loan interest balance, make up the loan default loss. The amount of its commitment to the single risk are often large, and meet the bank lending standards are often the size of the business, and influenced by the stage of development of the domestic economy, often lending business association is very strong, for example, the high proportion of real estate loans accounted for bank loans, once an industry downturn, the bank’s bad debt rate will rise rapidly. While the Internet financial value that is decentralized, small individuals through the Internet link to each other, to form a new ecology. Once the Internet banking has been hoping to replace the traditional banking functions, while avoiding the risk of losing control of private lending, as in China is not mature, the pain is inevitable, we can do now, is how to establish a sound into.