introduction: TV is still the most important on the media, but also become the mainstream mobile phone. Before the television audience has not passed so much, but the Spring Festival is an exception, and family watching TV is still a lot of family in the spring festival.Href= for trying to seize the Chinese market, the brand, the Spring Festival is the most important marketing opportunity for each year. regardless of international or local brands, in a month’s time before and after the Spring Festival, are very active. Their marketing but also a variety of ways, perhaps to launch a series of spring package may in animal brains fixed point, or put a tear gas bomb are micro film. at this time, there are always some fixed marketing formula can be directly used, such as promotions. This way is the most common, but it is the fastest way to open the consumer wallet, after all, in the Spring Festival, people are more willing to spend more than usual. But at the same time, the market changes and let href= ad owners more or less make a change. Luxury brand is one
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Dim Gray White Smokeexample, along with the Chinese people to improve the consumption of luxury goods, they are no longer placed in high cold, but rather put a low profile. By 2015, there are many luxury brands have launched a sheep year commemorative products, such as Vacheron Constantin watches, mulberry sheepskin bag, Lancome also in running TV ads, hit the Chinese New Year gifts promotional advertising. family reunion and taste, is still the most important advertising creative. The elements of the Spring Festival, no more than the home of the reunion and family reunion, and so on, most of the advertising creative starting point is based on these two points. Or on the way home the huge crowds of people, the world of ice and snow or is waiting in the meal of the eve of a pair of chopsticks, advertising, the Lord always try by appealing to the Chinese people for the Reunion the emotional resonance, to win the brand favorability degree. But what is the tear or warmth, still need to do here. The annual taste, is an essential element, while the red envelopes, couplets, fireworks, dumplings Is a frequent visitor to the Spring Festival. If you have a cute name, it is a lot easier, such as Dove’s argument is blessed every year. zodiac sign is the most worthy of the image of the article. Lunar New Year is the Lunar New Year’s unique characteristics, in the year of the horse, we see the pulsation of the right body, marketing, also saw the BMW itself as Benming year, launched the BMW, King hero series of ads. And the sheep is the most important word and totem of the Spring Festival, from VANS, clover to Johnnie Walker, many brands have launched a limited edition of the sheep. DIESEL will also be the pattern printed on a red envelope and trying to limit the cover of the notebook, they also with goat

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