Market Tuesday choice opened 1 opened. In the morning, we will continue to maintain shock unilateral upward trend, the lowest intraday 2687 points. In the afternoon, maintain relatively high concussion, 2755 intraday high impact, 2749 points to close, closing up 60 points, or 2.26%, due to the close, the Shanghai Composite Rose stocks home 1140, stocks fell 38, Puzhang. The rebound in addition to no daily at the end of a departure from outside, other small cycle all bottom deviation. So, not only
Kobe Bryant Shoes Online Sale is 60 minutes at the I like Nike foamposite one end of a departure from the level of the rebound. So Zhang old judge, the current rebound is just beginning, small red before the Spring Festival, Spring Festival after the big red is worth the look. yesterday the market continues to climb high after Monday’s stock index fell swoop recovered lost ground, with repeated opening and closing the current position in the meaning of this is a good sign, indicating that the market continued to fall after the early, already began to pick up, and can see from the volume, Zhou Yiji continued to maintain a low amount of running, the opening
Kobe Bryant 7.5 Shoes Men Online Sale and closing process is very important. The c
Mens Kobe Bryant 8 Odd Shoes 151126016hoice is to prepare for the direction of I love Nike air foamposite pro the market outlook, it is easy to choose low uplink direction, easy to choose high down, obviously is currently at the stage of low, I think the recent repeated opening and closing, UPS and downs, is the process for the bottom of the stage of consolidation, the market outlook is bound up Fanchou market, do not come before the Spring Festival, the festival then, empty is not necessary, 1 is the amount of energy has obvious in low stage, now we can not say that is the amount, but
Kobe Bryant 7 Shoes Men Online Sale at least ten last year and has Almost the same amount of before, under normal circumstances, and that market has been in the doldrums to the extreme, is easy to start a new market, 2, has repeatedly appeared wearing a broken foot and partner to signal a rebound, the rebound in the signal with the confirmation of the amount of energy to the upside, hope is the consolidation stage low, to prepare for the rebound in the future, a bright future. although probably is the Nike Air Max Sale For kids bottom of the consolidation, there will be a repeated at the bottom of the pragmatic process, but also will appear before the Spring Festival small red envelopes for. Maybe now said to have been finished bottom of the plate is also a bit early, there are 30 minute volume relationship, is not completely reverse volume may this is the greater danger. In the shortterm outlook should there will be repeated shocks in the process. In this period a stock and the plate also jumping up and down, but also make Duanchao band operation good time. But after the continuous big adjustment, Zhang old firm or center line counter. Opportunity is often generated in the depths of despair, the I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women market after repeated after the bottom will open a rapid rise in Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men the model, the shortterm band operation, midline holdings real line, only some of the middle is the time is also president of. Zhang old I buy Nike air foamposite one view unchanged: holding too large! Wait before the small red hair after the big red line! Personal point of view, for reference only!