this article first financial network Qian Kejin column Vietnam Communist Party’s Twelfth Congress, held in Hanoi in January 20th to 28. The participants of a total of 1510 delegates, representing 4 million 500 thousand of Vietnam’s National Party Vietnam’s total population of about 90 million. Vietnam Youth Daily said that the task of the general assembly are: to assess the implementation of the first meeting of
cheap jordan shoes the general assembly; discussion of various reports; the twelve Central Committee of the election. But the many media the attention is focused on the election 12th Central Committee on this, actually concern is: who is the Communist Party the next general secretary?
Derrick Rose Shoes Online Sale a practical grasp of Vietnam national power of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, currently has 16 members. Outsiders generally believe that the general secretary of the competitive position of the post, there are four carriages. The current general secretary Ruan Fuzhong, the current Prime Minister Ranjig, President Zhang I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women Jinchuang and Secretary of defense Feng Guangqing. Among the most likely to be Ruan Fuzhong and Ranjig.
Mens Rose 5 Shoes 1508050112 Ruan Fuzhong on and Ranjig was seen as pro China and pro american I like Nike foamposite one interesting is that the competition between Nguyen and Nguyen Tan Dung, many of the media, especially the western media interpreted as senior Vietcong pro I love Nike air foamposite pro China and Pro US faction contest. Pro Chinese faction, refers to the current general secretary Ruan Fuzhong as the representative of the political forces, including Feng Guangqing; and pro american faction, it refers to the prime minister Ranjig as the representative of the forces. p the reason why they are divided to marry Chinese pro american, according to two people in in recent years of Vietnam’s foreign relations and performance to judge. Nike Air Max Sale For kids Such as dung as prime minister, Lord Vietnam economic reduce dependence on China, promote the Vietnam joined the U.S. led trans Pacific Partnership TPP, and to promote the TPP has been interpreted for us against a measure of China’s rise. Ruan Fuzhong as general secretary, is said to be relatively mild in the dialogue, especially in the South China Sea issue last year, the media said he was not willing to criticize china. Ruan Fuzhong is 71 years old and Ranjig is 66 years old. CPV has a unwritten rules, the new Politburo members I buy Nike air foamposite one should not more than 65 years old Vietnamese cadres retirement age is 65 years old, but there are exceptions. So from the point of view of age, Nguyen Tan Dung was promoted to General Secretary of the possibility is relatively large; however, some analysts believe that Nguyen Phu Trong in the Political Bureau of the strength is very strong, continued to remain is not impossible. So the result is estimated to be one week after the Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men end of the meeting before.
Derrick Rose II Shoes Men Online Sale media analysts said that if Ranjig as general secretary, will be closer to the United States, China’s