The old boy spring thoughts long, always want to do. Category: chunnuan to be flowers amp; categories: corridors of the memory of the ancient city of Suzhou, Pingjiang historical and cultural blocks amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; Suzhou elegant alias Suzhou. Suzhou is the origin of the name. According to legend, in
Penny Hardaway Shoes the Xia Dynasty had a very famous adviser named xu. Xu is not only the talent and proficient in astronomy, geography, for meritorious services to help flood control Dayu, by the respect of Shun King, sealing his secretary and the Wu canonized to Xu. Since then, Wuzhong had Kou Xu. During a long time, Xu and are less well recognised, and in Wu Yuzhong, Xu, Su word similar, so Kou
Carmelo Anthony Shoes Xu gradually evolved into Suzhou. Pingjiang Road Suzhou historic district is by far the best preserved and largest historic district, is the epitome of the ancient city of Suzhou. Today the Pingjiang historic district still remained a amp; water and land in parallel, adjacent to the River Street amp; double chessboard pattern and amp; bridges, fenqiangdaiwa amp; unique
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