Scouring the sea tax-free age ending formulae shelves overnight 11 departments announced cross-border retail single inlet and similar sweeping robot products, Google glasses this relatively niche, high-tech consumer products demand reduction, there have been no Zhao Liqin chenting key "our engineering staff are nervously debugging system. To deal with in the morning (April 8th) 5 changes in the customs system, "yesterday (April 7th) 19, cross-border electricity pessimistic on the first Financial Daily reporters I think the industry may die." About 21 hours after buy air max shoes online the appointment, in the implementation of the new cross-border electricity supplier agreement, 11 departments jointly announced the < < cross-border e-commerce retail import > > (hereinafter referred to as the i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes "list"). Nearly two months, this list is the sword of Damocles, has been hanging in the head of B2C cross-border import electricity supplier, once goods business did not write the list, for the enterprise face extinction. After 2 hours, the official changed. A separate comparison list they found from existing products, tariff code, 1142 of the list involves at present, main types of imported goods. When a reporter asked "sigh, gasped," he said." However, the
Mens Hardaway Shoes 150304013y found that, in the second round of the list, and consumers may be from the shelves of the outside formula. Specifically about tomorrow (April 8) new customs operations, "the official said, although the formula appears on the list, but subsequent statement said, according to the provisions of the food safety law, registration shall be the implementation of no registration of infant formula milk powder."
Carmelo Anthony Shoes However, to be sure, from today (April 8th), cross-border business platform and the sea Amoy family will bid farewell to the era buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online of tax. Three categories of goods list on the
Penny Hardaway Shoes "First Financial Daily" reporter found that last night announced the list includes i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes eight 1142 digit commodity, mainly domestic consumption demand, it can meet the requirements of the relevant regulatory authorities, can objectively express buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online mail, e-mail and other means to import consumer goods, including food and beverage, clothing shoes and hats, home appliances and cosmetics, children’s toys, children’s toys, children’s toys, vacuum cup. i like air max shoes Technical personnel stay is second, is the most important, they began to separate from the existing list, product code, see tomorrow (April 8th) began not through the platform, imported goods.". After the first round of comparison, they found that cosmetics and other goods compared with the previous list, such as the law does not belong to the general food or the need to register special food records and management, in addition to"." This has a lot of understanding of ambiguity, according to what the law, what is the common food?" He told reporters. However, it is worth mentioning that, after two rounds of comparison, they found that domestic consumers are most concerned about the possibility of formula. Although the formula appears in the formula, but then the statement said, according to the provisions of the food safety law, the registration should be implemented without infant formula "registration"". Formula in line with China’s standards, the basic means that the
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