lead: Carlyle as beauty years big health A round of investment square. This is the second love Kang Ambassador announced in April this year, nearly $100000000 after the injection, China health management industry and a reach the largescale financing. In September 2nd 2013, the Chinese medical and health services group the United States year health limited, announced investment group, Ping An insurance, China Kai Hui French fund three joint strategic investment, a total of 300000000 yuan. Among them, . This is the second announced in April this year, nearly $100000000 capital injection, China health management industry and a reach the largescale financing. In October 2011, beautiful years big health group by the United States health industry limited company hereinafter referred to as: Center for health and technology of Health Management Company Limited hereinafter referred to as: Health merged. currently, Chinese health examination industry formed in beauty years big health, Ciming checkup, love Kang Ambassador represented a situation of tripartite confrontation trend. Up to now, in the United States of health in China has more than 100 medical centers and medical center, headquarters is located in Shanghai, the staff of nearly 10000, service areas covering the basic firstline, second tier cities in china. This financing, except under medical center network to further expand the flag, will focus on seeking in the soft power level breakthrough, strengthen the service difference in user experience and medical quality improvement based on the implementation of health, large scale and brand, platform strategy in the United states. according to the board of directors general manager Feng Junyuan introduction, the reason why investment in U.S. year health, in addition to settle on the team, but also because beauty years large scale health have obvious advantages, which have great help to build the health examination platform. According to the years Health Group Chairman Yu Rong introduction, beauty year healthy revenue and profit each year to maintain more than 50% or even 100% of the growth, the future is committed in the China health industry Baidu. The scale platform and professional service is our core They promised to complete the construction of 200 medical center before 2015, achieve 10000 person time examination objectives, and listed on the main board. the Carlyle Group in Chinese investment enterprises include: carry Cheng, Pacific Insurance, Yashi Li, Focus Media, 7 Days Inn etc They are optimistic about the Chinese preventive health care sector growth potential, the investment in the former three major business areas include medical and health care. Kai Hui Sino French fund as beautiful year health strategic partners, will help us years to achieve docking with the European health medical service resources, provide the overseas medical service for the highend customers, at the same time the European front diagnosis technology, the concept of health management, medical service, through the United States year health coverage across the platform. Services in the Chinese market. Ping An Trust has been paying attention to the development of medical and health fields, is the domestic establishment of the earliest professional health insurance company, has investment in the fields of medical, hospital, medicine, medicine, health management network network. Safe investment, will be in the group control mode, information system construction, budget management, comprehensive financial services