lead: code technology to create a new model of business informatization development brings a new opportunity to the mobile application of ecological change. map: DEMOCHINA innovation in China’s 2014 finals innovation star enterprise code technology projects show combined with the Internet of things, such as networking, cloud computing, data, mobile Internet technology, code technology founded in 2011, the application trend of polymerization of Silicon Valley million network, put forward the development of the mobile aPaaS operating platform, focus on the establishment of mobile WAN network era cloud programming system. code technology will look at areas of the market, standardize the development and production of enterprise mobile application design, combined with the enterprise application, 5B technology, to create a new model of business informatization development brings a new opportunity to the mobile application of ecological change. code is vice president of real science and technology Yu Bo think, the domestic enterprise mobile application market is huge, the future of enterprise level mobile development will gradually become the mainstream. Consumer products appears to be flourishing, but for us it can only play a play! the application development all completely cloud code technology will own clear positioning in the WAN network field. Their judgment, this is an unprecedented great opportunity field. The socalled million network is a concept of what? In my understanding, is the Internet of things and the mobile internet. Founder Xia Chun said, they in the mobile application operation technology and product value point point: after support native, cross platform, ondemand, iBeacon scene, multi tenant, development immediately deploy mobile applications and cloud platform used functions. in a nutshell, code technology is trying to from the old model for mobile applications to a new model for mobile applications change. The WAN networking application developers and operators of mobile cloud computing platform, mainly for the WAN networking applications. and Xia Chun said, Android, iOS two sets of native applications, integration, operation for developers to do background, hardware development is a huge burden. He described as, this is the three big mountains. At the same time, APP a gusher, but are isolated from each other, not to achieve interoperability, not up to the efficiency of all interconnected, operations management, their deployment, update, offline, security need treatment. code technology and how to solve these problems? their path, development process completely cloud: the development, testing, deployment, operation, management, and analysis of all in the clouds, which is a PaaS platform, this concept is equivalent to a continuation of the virtual host. their products are divided into two categories, one is to do not have to write code, based on the enterprise business to do some configuration can be, that is to say, the user in accordance with the platform to generate the SaaS application package, is simple and convenient, highly intelligent building ecological environment; two, for the configuration