lead: distance project online and one and a half years registered trademark, Is it right? Quite forwardlooking? But the flaw in the plan, this not, intellectual class network in the trademark on a problem. Yu Zecheng is a product of the beacon of war, know the layout in this era, good layout, talent emerge in an endless stream. Set the trap, the patience to hide, until Jun into the urn, knife blade, and later, leaving no traces of blood. Therefore, enterprises in the work to be more cautious fine. text record: light to make the world brand, think about your problems, I know the fruit Liu Sisi. welcome to this issue of Si chat, we going to talk about today is intellectual class brand. recent years, online education market is fried very unpopular. Everfount capital injection, market prospects for a good, a lot of deep education industry veteran, turning to online education in the business. Even the marriage started in this market, want to divide a cup of a thick soup. Now, Gong Haiyan’s ladder network have been closed down, do not know this will arouse much wind waves. However, the storm should be not affect intellectual class network. online learning new show intellectual class network, is the Beijing innovation partners, education science and technology limited company’s products. Dear father. This project is Wei Xiaoliang, Zhai Shaocheng the two in New Oriental fight a bloody battle for more than a decade veteran, therefore has a wealth of experience and a lot of resources in education. Moreover, recent intelligence courses and the godfather, Baidu investment $about 10000000 to the intellectual class network. How to say, stand in the draught, pigs can fly. Dear dad, intellectual class network godfather is so awesome, fly is not a matter of. however, pig, fears are plump and sturdy., everyone envy, it does not, the problem appeared in the trademark. 2012 year in February, two new oriental education expert established innovation partner companies, and in September 17, 2012, in the 41 class and 42 class, respectively, to apply for registration of the intellectual class trademark. There are one and a half years time then distance wise course online. We Is it right? Think, distance project online and one and a half years registered trademark, or quite forwardlooking? As long as the project is not on the line, others will not know the information, its own brand name will be very safe? wrong. As early as innovation partners for 21 days, there is an enterprise class in 38 kind of information transmission, 42 kinds of software programming in the category intellectual class registered trademark. Now, this company has two key categories of trademarks, leads to innovation partners in the application of 42 types of trademark, the emergence of a core group of large area was rejected, is strangling innovation partners, 38 types of information transmission category throat. don’t tell who is Baidu. Baidu barbecues this trademark in Baidu, or mud Buddha crossing a river, risk one’s head, which