lead: fade in succession when father, Fan Min can keep Ctrip enterprise gene, and its transplantation in new business? Ctrip in the CTRP.NADQ CEO Fan Min’s office, a great and a small two stone that can offer enjoy, every time pressure will raid, Fan Min habitually touches icy stone when the founders have faded out, can keep the enterprise gene, and its transplantation in new business? CTRP.NADQ CEO in Ctrip’s office, a great and a small two stone that can offer enjoy, every time pressure will raid, Fan Min touches icy stone chronically to calm yourself down. this is probably Fan Min served two years since the CEO that carry Cheng most laborious day. The shadow of the financial crisis in the door, the world’s largest online travel site Expedia EXPE.NADQ has suffered heavy losses, the company’s share price from $30.55 at the beginning of the peak to the current nearly $8. Although Fan Min thought it was just a unusually cold spell in early spring, but undeniable is, Ctrip is going to its unique growth bottleneck. How to promote the original mature business air tickets, hotel booking outside the new point of growth, is now the most let Fan Min worry about that. He sighed, in the past two years the market development speed faster, smoother, more 2008 hardships and dangers. carry Cheng to continue to develop, light as reservation, booking has not much space, on the surface have great profits, but the business stability is very low, very low threshold for commercial. Served as vice president, Ctrip is 7 Days Inn CEO Zheng Nanyan explains the Ctrip situation. Carry Cheng to need some combination of capital and business. On the China entrepreneurs said zheng. holiday and business travel is Fan Min to support the new growth point. Before we could only hotel and air ticket booking 2 fulcrum, now at least 4 fulcrum. He said, in addition, Ctrip also set up Starway Hotel Management Co. Ltd., enter hotel management field. In Fan Min seems, Ctrip’s future should be is not only a pure intermediaries, but also provide more tourism products and more comprehensive onestop travel service. 9 years ago, Fan Min encouraged joined Ctrip, Ctrip, and become the following after the fourth founders, he is also the only one to be persuaded to join the tourism industry elite, van was previously general manager, Shanghai travel agency for the Internet, he is a layman. Since then, Fan Min because of its tourism industry familiar with and good executive ability, a routing company executive vice president, chief operating officer promotion to chief executive, while the other three founders, Ctrip is already left or fade out of the company management. fan min can run good Ctrip relay this stick? transplantation Ctrip gene The first problem encountered is Fan Min, how the traditional advantage of transplantation of Ctrip’s new business that having different characteristics and requirements?