lead: park not to profit for the purpose, to ensure to provide the enterprises in the office environment and set of services are free of charge; CO founders can provide professional higher degrees of business services, for their part, here can directly contact to the early entrepreneurs large quantity. Incubator imperial and one for the early entrepreneurs born. this is more like a combination of advantages of government and enterprise incubator Park: not for the purpose of profit, can guarantee to provide for the enterprises in the office environment and set of services are free of charge; CO founders can provide a high degree of professional business services, for them, there can be direct contact to the early startup of a majority of the members. this company called Shangdi venture Valley incubator sponsored by the Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park Innovation Service Center is created, which was founded in 1989, is one of a group of government the earliest type incubator. Haidian Park Innovation Service Center will provide rich resources for free office space and relying on the government enjoy for venture in Shangdi valley; Shangdi joint venture Valley founders the industry renowned institutions including the woodpecker entrepreneurship club, origin of capital, blue angel, Ruth capital, will provide venture capital incubator joint a series of soft environment service. venture in Shangdi Valley location venture in Zhongguancun the first floor of the building, according to the different function, after the first floor hall is simply divided into two areas: open type Coffee discussion area and specialized office. Coffee discussion area similar to the prevailing business and Coffee hall, for all entrepreneurs to open 24 hours. Here not only provide basic office facilities can provide more than 100 stations, will often hold enterprise salon, projects, entrepreneurship training, subject to share and other activities, will be built into a gathering place for early stage startups exchange collision. The office is ready to venture in Shangdi valley of the settled enterprises. At present, can provide more than 40 stations, is divided into more than a dozen small regions, each region can support 4 to 6 office, Shangdi venture Valley incubation period of six months. Discussion and Coffee compared area entrepreneurs, assigned to the entrepreneurial team get service and training will be more systematic. according to the person in charge Shang Kewei introduced, Shangdi venture valley will get settled in the team is divided into three grades: the first grade 1 refers to the early entrepreneurs or quasi entrepreneurs, provide the basis business mentor entrepreneurial knowledge training and the corresponding training; 2 the second grade mainly with the mature entrepreneurs and have formed an entrepreneurial team, grade basic course is completed, there will be special field supervisors to professional class, such as product manager, marketing, financial, legal, and equity financing and other special function training; 3 of the third grade belongs to high grade students here, mainly refers to the entrepreneurial business leaders who have come to normal the track of development, these people will be reading and thinking about the level of industry bigwigs tutor strategy, culture and management level. As