Letter of to see ancient Feng Yang from archaeological materials Mechanical Mod and RDA br we look at historical geography and can’t be trapped by dogma and established common sense, for example when it comes to Guangdong Province, now refers to Guangdong, and in ancient times covers Guangdong and Guangxi; another example is when it comes to Feng Yang, if you think Feng Yang refers to now at the southern end of the four towns shop door, faith, righteousness, Ling Feng, then you are wrong. From the historical point of view, she also includes at least all of Huaiji County in the West and northwest, the old county ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA construction. So the complete closure of the culture, it should be the three places Hot E Cig kits together, to restore the true history of the face. br due to various historical factors, political elements, administrative regionalization of China, President set, fickle, we are here not to discuss. But later, because driven by the interests of the chain, the geographical concepts very seriously, reflected in the existence of some controversial monuments and celebrity native place for. Such as Western Han period, the capital of Lingnan ancient Guangxin county county, Guangxi Natural said is in, Cangwu County, Wuzhou City, because Guangxin is E-CIG CHINA when Cangwu County, Gunji, but Cantonese speaking in Fengkai, because the old Feng Chuan county and now Cangwu County belong to Guangxin coun
ty. Another
example is the Northern Song Dynasty Neo Confucianism master Zhou and his father had in Hezhou GUI Ling County as a county magistrate, Hezhou said he was born in now the GUI Ling Zhen, but Hunan people said, Zhou Dunyi is Hunan Road, Ying county. And a GUI Ling celebrity empress Ji, history clearly documented she claimed he County, but Guangdong Hill said
she was born in Lianshan Yonghe red Yang Zhu Yuan Cun Zhai, and later exiled to Gui Ling County. Even now belong Disposable e cigarette to the Guangdong Fengkai County intact Chuan county with the original Kaijian County, in contention for a famous historical celebrities Lingnan first champion conduct, sealing Sichuan people say he is fishing town of West Village, Kaijian said He Nan Feng Zhen Jin LV village, according to now is mo Xuan Qing is a posthumous child, his father Mo Rangren is fishing town village people, in Mo Xuanqing still unborn died, later Mo Xuanqing mother Liang Erjiao remarried Nan Feng Zhen Jin LV village Mok Chi, and was born in the village of witch hazel, grow up, is not looking at some familiar, so nature should
be Kaijian. If we have seen a Sichuan people and a Kaijian people in the origin of Mo Xuanqing argument, if victorious Kaijian, naturally we also follow happy, perhaps also may speak sternly said in a loud voice: you Kaijian cow guy any cattle, you are the original or from our Feng Yang set aside to go! Ha, a joke, hark back to the subject point. br December 1973, archaeologists in Changsha Mawangdui Han Dynasty tomb excavations to and from the inside unearthed three painted on silk ancient maps, first belonging to the topographic map, the second picture belongs to the map of garrison, the cities map, the map because in underground stack pressure more than two thousand years, some places have already broken fracture, archaeologists immediately set up a panel of experts, on the map of adhesion repair,
so as to restore the original appearance, these precious ancient map was confirmed in Western Han Dynasty emperor at the beginning E-CIGARETTE CHINA of Yuan twelve years AD